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Sunday, March 30, 2014

At Bruckner's Volvo in Tye, TX....Late Publish

Actually got here yesterday morning (yesterday morning having been last Monday) to have work done to Bertha. Yesterday ended up being the diagnostic day and today is turning into the fix it day!

I knew I was going to have to get a new oil pan. But my A/C has been out since last October, but with the cooling down for the fall and winter, I couldn't see spending the money on getting it looked at or fixed...and it wouldn't have mattered actually. The "on/off" button for the A/C is what has been bad....and it is an integral part of the "climate control panel" (which apparently is the way all the vehicle manufacturers have gone) so you get to replace the entire is basically a mini-puter....IC boards and all!!  And it is only a little over $300!  So when you think your A/C is going, just pray it is not a switch....or be sitting down when they tell you the cost!

But at least there is a decent driver's lounge...and fresh life will survive for the moment!  And as usual I have my technology to keep me withdrawal symptoms as of yet!

I hope to have a load out in the morning from Brownwood, TX to Grand Prairie, TX. Then we shall see from there just where I end up for the coming weekend. Never can tell, I just might be headed back to the east!

Update:  Well.....the oilpan is replaced. The climate control unit is replaced...and still have no A/C...Rick kept getting a "magnetic clutch" error code that wouldn't go away, and it was cool, so couldn't really tell if A/C was working or not....NOT!  LOL  Got into some 85 degree plus weather and it is delinitely not working. Sssoooooo, soon as I make my drops Monday and Tuesday in MO & IL, trying to get a run down into Alabama, drop by and see the kids and get a little restocking done, then run back up to IL and get a load back out to the westcentral Texas area.  Will have to have the compressor and dryer replaced and the mounting block on the motor that the oil filters mount to replaced because it is leading around the freeze plug on the front side.

I had not noticed that I didn't get this published the other day....thought it had here it is.  I'll have another post tomorrow or Tuesday with this run I'm currently on and how things are going....and hopefully will be in the Gadsden area by the end of the week for a day or so.  :-)

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