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Friday, May 20, 2016

Sunny Gulch is up and running!

Well,we are here, in Idaho and Sunny Gulch Campground is open for camping! But the weather is acting just like Stanley in spring! Cold today, calling for freezing mix, snow tonight down to the 7000 ft level.  Tomorrow night more chances of snow, and the snow line is expected to drop down to the 6000 ft level. Lows the next couple of nights in the low 20's.

But this is where I belong! BP has dropped about 30 points already. Pulse is down about 20-25 ticks. And I'm loosing weight daily! And smoking is down almost over 50% from what I can tell!  So this is the good life!

I'll get some pics uploaded with my next update! C'ya!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

IDAHOME!!! We Made It!!!

We got to Sunny Gulch about 1pm today...and boy does it feel right!! It felt soooo good driving thru the gorge getting here this morning/afternoon! I must admit that it felt like coming home! Back to the wilderness, the woods, the wild lands! It feels like being freed from a cage!

It was a beautiful day. Sunny, passing clouds....and rain coming! It looks like we shall have rain tomorrow, possibly thunderstorms, etc. The west side of the state is getting hammered as I type. They have severe storm and flash flood warnings going on now.

Stopped at Mormon Bend CG and visited with Kevin for a while on the way in. He's doing good, been here for about 10 days already. After I get parked in my site, I drove over to Redfish Lake and checked out the campgrounds there, said hi to several of the host couples that have gotten here, got my paperwork and supplies from Carol, saw Tom for a few minutes, then came home and started getting setup.

Of course my second imperative was to get the first fire of the season going! Then Kevin dropped in here and brought supper. He helped me get the EZ-Up raised. Keith and Carol brought me a load of water (I was almost dry), then John dropped by and we sat around the fire and just got caught up on news.

So it has been a great evening! Time now for a little Ancient Aliens and then a good nights sleep!!!  C'ya! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

241 To GO!!

Working on getting to Sunny! And we're making progress...slow as it might be!  LOL!  Bertha is having a rough time getting there. She still has the very deep charging issue, so needless to say, that has slowed down progress quite a bit. As it stands, we drive for 30-40 minutes, then we take a "charging break" of 1-2 hours to get the battery up to full (or very close to full), then we roll hell bent for leather for another 30-40 minutes, then repeat as needed!!!!  LOL! I'm thinking that this just might end up being Bertha's retirement run!! She just might have to stay in Idaho this coming fall! 

I was at the Flying J on I-15 just south of Pocatello last night. Was a good nights sleep. I've "moved" Abbie to my chair for the her bed...which gives me a lot more room. She is not real happy with the change, but she is dealing pretty well with it!  LOL!

Right now I'm adding a couple of hours more charge on the battery before heading out for the day. Have 241 miles to go to Sunny. Yesterday I covered 140+ miles in one day, so if I can get far today, I'll be close to the Hwy 75 cutoff when I park tonight, which means most of the day tomorrow I'll be in the gorge on 75 headed for the camp. Once I make the left turn onto 75, should be about 58 miles from Sunny's gate!!! Can't wait!!!