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Monday, February 9, 2015

Guess it is time for an Update!! :-)

(Originally written 2/9/2015)

It has been a while since I got on here and did an update!  Sorry about that!

January ended up being a fairly good month. It did get pretty doggone cold for a few days down here in south Texas, but cold for here. I think the lowest temp was about 29*.....I do believe that I dealt with that just like a walk in the park!  Now, the "natives" down here were dressing like a bunch of Eskimos!! LOL  You would have thought that another glacier age was starting listening to them talk about how cold it was!  It was quite amusing!

Now what we did have down here was a massive amount of rain! Granted, they have been and still are in a drought, but there was enoung rain to raise the aquifer level several feet. And it did give me a chance to find the rest of the leaks in Bertha! But I have all but 2 of them taken care of, and those 2 are now just barely leaking, so we're almost there getting that straightened out.

I'm currently working on trying to get Bertha's wipers working again. The bushings on the movement arms finally dry rotted off and trying to get a new set into the same holes is almost an act of God! But I WILL get them fixed this week somehow!!

I also installed a set of 3 "puck" LED lights....and they are sweet!!! The pull almost now power, and talk about bright...they light up almost all of the house without being glaring! I'm going to get 3 more this week's check and in two weeks I'll get 3 more (they come in sets of 3). When I get them all installed....I'll have the whole house lit with them and will be able to see so much better, and it should increase my battery life by a couple of hundred %!