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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!


It is that time of season again! For the goblins & ghouls to be out and about for a night! 

I hope you all have a good time! It is not looking good for the Trick or Treator's here in North Central/East Texas for the night. Rain, t'storms...just nasty weather is coming all day and into the night. So there will be a bunch of damp, wet, cold ghouls out!
But the herd here had a good time yesterday at the pumpkin patch! And it was Jude's first pumpkin patch! 

Then of course it was time to "clean out & dress up" the pumpkins for the night!

Eagle RV Resort

At Eagle RV Resort for the night. Have dumped, in site 177, power hooked up for fridge, batts holding close to 12.85v as of now, cloudy, rain coming Wed thru Thurs. The "resort" reminds me of "Starlite Starbrite" from "Last Starfighter"! Just newer units! πŸ‘πŸΈπŸš☕⛺

But it is quiet, peaceful, little to no traffic! About 8 miles off of 820 in Ft Worth. & with my PassPort America membership, $22.50/night. It's on top of a hill so there seems to be a constant breeze.  So for being able to dump & relax...worth the price, even if I'm a bit tight on funds! πŸ‘πŸΈπŸš☕⛺

I'll head back to town around lunch tomorrow. I'm considering adding water to black water tank & dumping again after driving around for a few minutes. I'll have to think about that one! LOL!
(Update 10/31....It is trying to rain, and I've been on well water for long enough that I need to top off with "city water" to freshen the holding tanks. I don't like adding bleach any more than I have to to my holding tanks)

So folks...get out of the house & city & come out to where you can hear your thoughts! It really can give you a different outlook on life!

C'ya out here soon, I hope!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A good visit!

It has been a good visit here in Alabama! The weather has been just great! Temps have been moderate & breezy...perfect weather for a visit! We drove over in the rain...and it looks like we will be driving back in the rain!!

One of the good things about seems to not make any drastic changes over time! And the changes it does make seem to be for the community! But it is nice to come back and see so much of it the way it is remembered!

 One more day & back to TX! Europa awaits patiently for her modifications & "upgrades" & remodeling projects! And I'll be back sometime in Dec for Xmas & New Years.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

NRH for a few weeks!

All set-up and ready for COOL weather!! Gorgeous sunny days here in North Central Texas! Of course, my umbrella is up so that it could dry out from the previous couple of days of rain!  LOL! But I'm here & set-up for maintenance on Sidekick & Europa!
But...Hurricane Sergio from the Pacific is letting us know that we have not escaped the storms!  It started at about 0845 this morning and has not stopped! When I took the pic of the rain gauge you can see how much we had gotten by 1225...that was 37 minutes is now up to 2.20 inches! We've hit a calm spot in the weather for now. But the weather man is calling for rain on & off thru tomorrow night! And we are in the band that has the potential of receiving 2"-4"....and from the looks of it, we might even get close to 5" is it keep coming in waves like it has today!

Now the crazy part...Hi today is supposed to be 68f....Hi tomorrow is supposed to be low 80's. Then Monday thru Wednesday the high is supposed to be upper 40's to mid 50's!  Welcome to Texas fall & winter!  🐸

 I'll be in Alabama next week for a few days and then back to TX to try to get all the maintenance done on Europa & Sidekick that I'm wanting to accomplish before November travel is upon me!

 But I must say, I got away from Diamond Rock & Alpine just in the nick of time...
Above is my campsite at Diamond just a week after I had left!
 (Thanks to Meleesa for these two shots)
And this is on "top" on the way into Alpine, one of the mountain meadows!! I say that I "don't do" triple digit temperatures any longer...I also don't do that "white lumpy stuff" either!!  

Keep in touch...I'll be back on the road before too long and finding places that you need to see!

And now for a "shameless plug"...I finally got my little book published on Amazon, check it out....

And I'm starting work on "travel pamphlets" that will take you to spots that I have found that are easy on the budget & in the woods or on the back roads & have some neat history about them!

Drive Safe & Hope To See You Out Here!!


Friday, October 5, 2018

Corpus Christi, Tx

Well, I enjoyed the drive along the beach! And I do love the sound of the waves, watching the gulls & pelicans, the air is just fresh smelling!

Now if I could just get used to the humidity & mosquitoes it would be fabulous!

Had lunch with the kids & some of Greg's fairly at "Mikal's Bay" grill right on the beach. Food was pretty good, being in the shade in a concrete based beach structure, the breeze made it very enjoyable for lunch.
 Kind of a cool place...just a bit on the loud side...& it wasn't busy!  LOL!

 But the day was full & interesting. Saw the dealership they work at now..nice shop. Pretty big store. Right on one of the main highways thru Galveston on the way tor Padre Island.

So just running around the country side looking for cool weather & temps....and not having any luck! So I'll keep looking for a while!  🐸

Hope to c'ya out here on the road!