Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Travels with Frog, Chapter 3

 Hi Folks, Still in West Virginia...on Cheat Mountain, in the Monongahela Nat'l Forest. This is Chapter 3 of my Travels with Frog "series".  

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for taking a break and looking at this beautiful country with me!

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Have a great week/month/year!!

And as I always say....

Be Safe....

Travel Easy....




Frog    &  Abbie

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Still in West Virginia!

 A quick update...and still in West Virginia!!  Love this country, especially the mountains, which is where I've basically been for the past 4 weeks. 

Currently in Elkins, WV doing laundry, "monthly restock" and taking care of a few errands! All it takes is for me to be in "the city" for over 36 hours and I really, once again, appreciate the mountains and the woods!! There is really just no peace in the cities! I don't care how quiet it gets at is still noisy compared with the woods and mountains!

Had a great site on the Stonecoal Dispersed camp area. All sites had tables and most had a view of the Cheat River with easy access. Was a very pleasant stay!

Next moved up on top of Cheat Mountain, a very pretty area with great views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

The views were just picture perfect...and the clouds were something else. I shot way too many cloud pics!!  LOL! There were a couple of days of rain, and the winds, at times, reminded me of the winds in New Mexico during windy season!

  I really enjoyed the stay on the top of the ridge and really enjoyed the weather! Especially the COOL temps!!

As I head back up to the mountains later today, I'll be headed towards a spot my friend Keith took me to...which I have named "The Panorama Site"!!!  It basically has a view that is way over 200 degrees across, with NO trees to hamper the valley views! And in about a week the colors, which are just now really coming out, will be close to their peak and I hope to get some awesome fall color shots from there!
Another thing seems to be in abundant supply are the bees and butterflies! They are just all around every day!  Not withstanding the fact that the goldenrod is BLOOMING all around the area. And I mean BLOOMING!!  But it has made for the chance to catch some good shots of the butterflies!

And then of course there are all the flowers that do all the hard work of attracting the butterflies!!

Hard to get a really focused shot when the wind keeps blowing at 15+mph!

So thanks for checking in with The Frog! Be sure to check back...more pics and videos are on the way, to include a tour of Lily!

C'ya out here!!
Frog & Abbie
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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Travels with Frog, Chapter 2

 Hi Gang!

It's been too long, but here is Chapter 2 of Travels with Frog! I hope to get more timely with my updates! I've gotten an AT&T phone so that I will have cell service here in WVa. AT&T pretty well has this state locked up for cell service!!

Hope you enjoy the video!


I will soon be uploading a video on my van "Lily"...what I've done to and on and in her to be out here full-time on the road. As is my normal activity, I'm still looking for places off the beaten paths where you can slow down for a time and relax...and...hopefully get into the woods, and step back in time! 

Keep checking back and see what we come we find out here on the back roads of the U.S.A. 🐸🐶

Be Safe!

Travel Easy!


Go to the Woods!!



Thursday, August 5, 2021

Travels with Frog, Chapter 1 (video :-) )

 I have started a "video series"! 

Travels with Frog!

I hope you enjoy the video and coming chapters!! 

I have started my "travels 2021"...after an extended break to take care of Lily and to be sure she was ready for a LONG trip on the road! If all goes "according to my plans", I should be out here wandering around for the next 3-5 months before taking a break back in Alabama.

So stick around with us and see what all we can find out here in the great U.S.A!!

So remember.....

Be Safe, Travel Easy and.....

Go To The Woods!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Frog's Travels

There used to be a video here. But as you can tell I've pulled it down...actually, I've deleted my account from YouTube. 

A rather long story, but suffice it to say that I am quite pissed right now! When you can be challenged about using "copyrighted" music, have proof that it is not, that it is royalty free music that you have purchased a couple of decades in the past....but still are found to be in the wrong...but are given no choice except to either "mute", remove or "have a mark against your site".....I'm done with that.

I've been in this field too many years to put up with this kind of nonsense! I will try to continue to use this site for now. But I'm in the process of deciding (rather figuring out) what my next steps will be on this platform.

Suffice it to say that Google (or should I say "Alphabet" corporation) are not very high on my list of companies that I think are worried about "helping" the little guy to get along in this "social laced" world.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

An 8 Year Progression

I just wanted to take a few minutes and share a quick little video of the "journey" that I have been going along on getting used to this "full-time off-grid" lifestyle that I have been aiming at for the past several years.
 I have come to the understanding that not a single one of us has all the answers to this lifestyle. It is different for each one of us...and if it wasn't it would be SO boring! And when the day comes when we think we have the answers, something will happen to show us that we DON'T have all the answers!
I hope you enjoy the next 4 minutes! I enjoyed making it and looking again at some of the places that my "houses" have taken me to!! 



Sunday, July 11, 2021

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John Wayne Speaks to Americans of 2020

Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It

Departure Draws Closer!

This has been a very successful stay in Alabama!  When I got here, Lily’s TLC list had around 26 items on it. It is now down to about 7! And the biggest of the items are done! So, in the next 2 or 3 weeks, I’ll just be doing the rest of the small items on the list. Repacking Lily & the 2-wheeled suitcase, restocking on a few things that I need to get before hitting the road, a spa day for Abbie … and starting to actually look at the route that I am going to start out on for the next 12-18 months of travel!


The two biggest things on the list that I had to do for Lily was first of all …. A NEW Radiator!


That was an endeavor that took a little while to get done, basically 2/3’s of a day! And to be able to get that done, the second item on the list, which was tied for first place, was to remove 80% of the AC system! I haven’t had AC in any of my motorhomes for the past 6+ years, and I’m not going to have it! Getting used to AC just makes it harder to deal with the heat of summer! Folks keep telling me “…the older you get the more you like the heat…”…. all I can say to that is …. Hell No!!  LOL!


The third thing that Cary helped me to accomplish was a new driver’s seat!! I found one at a Pick-N-Pull yard locally that came out of a Mitsubishi…and it is just grand!! Two seat bottom adjustments, lumbar adjustment, reclines and it feels like new!! And Cary can work miracles when it comes to figuring out how to mount things!! And feels good to have a nice seat. Only thing about Chevy vans is when I get close enough to be comfortable on the pedals, I feel like the steering wheel is under my chin! This seat is all the way up and is almost perfect for the steering wheel ... so a short piece of 2X2 and a few cable ties later, the pedals are the right spacing also!!!  LOL!




Lily now also has 5 windows with screens on them. It is much easier to have air flow through her to keep it more comfortable inside.




The roof is now completely painted with the elastomeric paint from rain gutter to rain gutter, from front to rear and side to side. It helps sooo much in keeping it cooler in Lily!


Don’t know if you have kept up with the “weather” out West…but they are in a world of hurt! The temps have been horrific and there are wildfires all over the Western states! Now it might be “hot” on the East side of the Mississippi River, but it is bearable.  So, when I head out of Alabama in a few weeks, I will be headed back to the Blue Ridge Parkway and I’m going to run it to the northern end. That’s what I was working on when Europa laid down on me last August! 469 miles later, at the “end” of the BRP you can continue on to the Shenandoah Valley on the Skyline Parkway. That’s an additional +\- 275 miles. At that point I will decide on the direction that I will head. And that decision all depends on the weather and the temperatures!


During this stay in Alabama I have made a couple of drives, short drives through the countryside, just to get out of the city for a day or two. And as usual, I do find nice spots and things stop and see and visit!


So, as I always say, take the time to get “away” for a day or two into the area around you. Don’t worry about a map or a GPS …. just go and see what you stumble across! I think you will surprise yourselves!


I hope to see you out there soon. Stay tuned…many things to see and do on the way!!

Monday, June 7, 2021

Back in Bama for a ..... few weeks .... couple of months??

Well....However long we end up being here, Lily is in need of some TLC! So however long it takes, we will be back on the road when we get her totally done and ready for the adventure to come! 

The TLC list is not real long, but it is long enough! Radiator, Heater Core, finish painting the roof, one more battery for auxiliary power, a few modifications to the interior....Brakes!  LOL! And a complete tuneup! That covers most of the work yet to come.

So I'm setup in "our spot" at the house. Probably move every 10-14 days for errands, but pretty well "here" until middle of August. Then.......

Back on the road to the West!! In search of 70 degrees!

So stick with us. There will be updates as we get things done and setup and installed and working!

Can't wait to get back to the road, hopeful to see some of you out there...and don't forget, if you see us, take a pic and tag us - #icaughtfrog2021. Stickers are in the works and you'll get one if you catch us!

C'ya soon!

Frog & Abbie

🐸        🐶


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Plans are always changing!


As is usually the case, things are always changing with my "itinerary"! I am currently headed back to Alabama. Lily is in need of some more TLC! As in a new radiator, heater core, some brake work, and a few updates/modifications to her interior! As is always the case with a house...especially a hose on wheels! I'm considering this current run as Trial Run #3! Worked out some of the kinks, found out a few things that need changing....and living in her for 3 months allowed me to see things that I need to change!

 As on today, Lily has traveled over 3,500 miles on this "trial run"! And over all she has done great! But....I knew I should have gotten her a new radiator before I left, but she had done so well with the short runs that I thought it would be ok....but real life is the true test!

Once out West and into some REA
L mountains...well....the fact that the radiator does have flow issues came to the forefront. As long as the rpm's are kept fairly high, then the flow thru the radiator is enough to keep here from getting very warm. But on "warm" days, no matter what the rpm's are kept at, she has a tendency to creep up to the too hot area of the gauge!





But it has given me a chance to see some West for a couple of months, catch up with some friends that I haven't seen in a couple of years....and just to stretch out in the part of the country that I fee so good in!










Not to mention the fact that I just feel so at home on the road. Relaxed, rested, is just where I need to be!!



And since the last time I saw these two wonderful folks, they have covered a little more territory than I have! As South Africa, got "engaged" AND then got married!!
So it was time to catch up and reminisce! Was so good to see Jim & Susan!



In the mean time, I did make it up to Cortez, CO to get to visit the "Canyons of the Ancients" and Mesa Verde NP ... and see some of the fabulous pueblo dwellings there!


The scenery was and is just fabulous! To be able to stand on top of a mountain and see mountains that are way over 50 miles away is breath-taking!







And looking at "ruins" that are still standing after 700+ years is completely spellbinding! And to be able to live in such a "desolate" area is almost beyond comprehension!

And we think we have it tough today when we happen to be without electricity for a few hours! I'm always talking bout getting back to the woods...these pueblos put a whole different perspective to the concept of "getting back out into the woods"!

And then there is Mesa Verde NP...and the pueblos there are even more mind blowing! To be able to "scrape" together a life in an area that seems to not have ANY level ground is just amazing to me! 

I only drove about halfway into the Park due to the fact that Lily was not taking very kindly to the steep pulls on the road! But getting halfway in is amazing scenery and history. 

And I did more walking on this day than I have in a long time...and it felt great....for the most part!  LOL!  Now I won't mention how many times I had to stop for a break for my hip & ankle...let's just say 20 years ago I would have been able to cover a whole lot more ground!  Heheheh.

Stopped at the "Ranger Fire Outlook" and, OH, what a view! To be able to sit there for a couple of days and just look at the sunrises and sunsets would be thrilling! 

And when you can stand in one spot and see a 360 degree view of 100+ miles and 4 is a time when you actually come to the realization that you are not as "large" as you think you are! And your own personal "smallness" is burned into your emotional makeup!

So back to "the barn" we go to give Lily some more well deserved attention! Currently on the road in Texas. 1,000 miles to go and if all goes well...should be home in 7-10 days!  LOL! I am finally getting used to driving 45-125 miles a day, as opposed to 550-700 miles a day when I was driving a truck. It has taken a while, but finally NOT in a rush any longer! But those were good days also!

So stick it out with us...we'll be "off the road" for a couple of months doing TLC on Lily, then we will be headed back out West for the rest of this year and a large part of next year! There will still be "test runs" while in Alabama so check out what all we get done, so that hopefully there will be no surprises once back out here!

Stay tuned for more from Frog, Lily & AYNTSI