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Friday, October 2, 2020

Getting Lily Closer


Lily is getting closer & closer to being road ready!  

 Just got the "kitchen" completed. All groceries for 7-14 days fit in the bottom of the counter, the fridge or 2 overhead cabinets.

The water pump is working great...and my "sink" idea (the little bucket) also works the way that I had hoped!




I have finally gotten the "toilet bench" finished...almost!  The cover for the cushion is temporary until I find some upholstery fabric that I like for it. But it fits perfect in the space and is the right height for working here at the secretary.



I'm rather surprised at just how much room there actually is in here! In all honesty, what do you do in a camper? Mainly possibly cook, work on blog or IG...and then sleep!

 So there is room to move around, plenty of room to cook, secretary closes up to give more room and the bed is just right!!  LOL!


Yesterday I drove up to Guntersville, AL to the Staples there to get my annual calendar refill for my ARC system. I really like them and the Corporate office usually does not send enough to get thru the season! And...I got the last one on the shelf yesterday!

Afterwards, I drove on to the lake area in Guntersville...and found a great little park on the edge of the lake! It was a gorgeous day, perfect temperature, light breeze...just great! So made lunch and spent a couple of hours just looking at the lake and the birds and the boats!


Today I got the solar controller installed and have my kickout panels hooked up to make sure that it still worked and to see how the aux batts are doing. And so far, all is well in that department! In 3 or 4 weeks I'll have gotten the 195w panel and will have installed it on the roof (if all goes well!).

 The last months check went mainly for the interior of Lily. The next two months will go for "mechanical" is the case whenever you purchase a used vehicle, you end up spending on it to take care of issues the previous owners chose not to mess with or didn't realize were issues! Yup!

 So this is where we are for now! Still in Alabama for the next several weeks while I get Lily totally (hopefully) ready for the road.

 Thanks for sticking with us.The saga of the "tiny, mobile tiny home" continues!


C'ya soon!!