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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Best Laid Plans.......

 It looks like I will be here in Alabama for a few additional weeks!

One of the "cooling blades" that peeled off the old alternator apparently got tucked away somewhere under the hood and came loose a couple of days ago when I was leaving the house. 

Did it ever make a racket under the doghouse! Anyway, stopped to see what the noise dropped out as I lifted the hood. It punched a hole through the fan shroud about the size of a silver dollar.....and.....

Has put a hole in Lily's brand new radiator. Needless to say, that will hit the budget pretty hard. So it's +/- 11 days to payday. Will get a few small projects finished on/in Lily, then pull the radiator and see if it is repairable. Hope so. Don't really want to have to buy another new one!!

Sooo, stay tuned! A new adventure every day!!