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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Incremental Improvements 🐸🐶

Just a quick note to say...HI!!
Lily is slowly getting all the "incremental improvements" that I have planned for her. I will post a few pics in a few days. I hope to have the kitchen operational by Tuesday or Wednesday this coming week! Or at least close!!
I'm working on the "kitchen counter" now, which will have my sink, additional storage & cooking space. 
 Also working on the "toilet storage" .... bench?? It is going to be a dual purpose item...a spot to store the portapot, additional storage and also a bench to relax on and sit at the secretary. Still figuring out how it is going to be built!
Just so you will have an idea of my itinerary, I'll be leaving Alabama on Dec 12th. Staying for a birthday party! I'll be headed for Texas first, 3 stops there, then into New Mexico on the way to Arizona. Have several stops to make in AZ.

From there...I have no idea where I will end up going! It all depends on the COVID thing, weather, fires, snow, etc, etc!!  LOL!

So hang in there with us, we will be on the road again soon!!

Til then, take care, stay well & enjoy where you are!!

C'ya out there soon!

Frog & Abbie

🐸      🐶