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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Another Year Is Here! An Era Ends!!

An era has come to a close! My friend Dean has closed his shop!!  One of the last of the "service stations" in a downtown area where the owner was the mechanic and he knew everyone in the area and he always had a smile for you and time to visit! Where you could pull in and he would put air in your tires, replace your wipers, and I really never found something that he could not diagnose and be right probably 95% of the time!

He also has a heart that is three times the size of the normal person's! When folks that were hard pressed monetarily, he had parts that others didn't need or want, that he would fix what he could for folks for no charge. He also knew what he could/would fix and would point you in the right direction to get the problem fixed somewhere else. 

So thus ends an era that is fast becoming a thing that folks didn't realize just how much they would miss until the time came when it would be gone...and that time has arrived!

We will miss you, Dean! Take care and don't forget us!! 

We won't forget you!!

Thanks for everything!!