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Friday, October 14, 2016

America...You Need To See It!!

So we are starting!!  This is to let you know what I'll be doing as I travel around the countryside!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

America...You Need To See It!!

Hey, hey hey!!!!  Maybe this will work better!!!!!

Challis, ID for a couple of weeks!!

Sitting in the Challis, ID library! Like the little pink pigs!?!?!?!?
Made it to Challis for a few weeks. Have to get Bertha worked and want to do some "sightseeing" in  the area for the video. It is a gorgeous area, with high desert plains to 8,000 ft "hills" (LOL...mountains) and creeks, rivers, canyons...just a really neat area of Idaho!

I will be getting Bertha into the shop around the 19th to have her charging system fixed...then shortly there after I'll be headed for Texas...will do my best to get there by T'day to be with the kids there. Then I'll be headed to Alabama for the Christmas and New Year season...probably be in AL until end of Jan or middle Feb.

The Sawtooths are just spectacular!!!
In case I had not mentioned it...I am now an official member of the "Old Geezer" society! Got into the club on the 18th of August this year! 

Soooo...I also now have my "Senior Access" card for the Nat'l Forest & Parks system. For those of you that don't know what that means....most all the Federal camping areas are now half price for me AND I get into all the Parks, Monuments, etc.....FREE! Going to make good use of that card!

Went for a drive this past Monday with Earnie...went West into the mountains next to Challis...and it was gorgeous! I'll get some pics uploaded in the next couple of days...soon as I get the uploaded from my phone!

Since I started this update...I've let a week go by and I've been on another ride with Ernie. We went east this time and rode up to "TV Tower" mtn...and what a view from there!!
The picture above is a little hazy, but almost in the middle of the shot is the city of Challis, ID. It's the county seat of Custer County, and a really neat little town. The population is somewhere around 1,000-1,300...the perfect size as far as I'm concerned!!  

 Below is a look across the valley at "The Twin Sisters" Peaks. And as you can tell, winter is about to be upon us here! But no matter what season, the views here are just outstanding!!

We traversed across the mountains into the Pahsimeroi (Pah-sim-ah-roy) Valley...and it is just move beautiful views and....

ELK!! All over the place if you wait for them to come out!! When Ernie & I went looking for them, no luck. We took a break behind/around a small hill off the main road, for about 20 min, and when we came out, the empty field across from where we turned in was now full of elk!!  LOL! The herd must have had about 125+ head in it! Beautiful!

Then as we were headed back into Challis, decided to take a short detour towards Stanley and see if we could see any of the Bighorn Sheep that "are supposed to be in the hills" right outside of Challis. Well, I have been running back & forth on Hwy 75 for 2 summers and have not ever seen one of those critters along the road or on the hillsides. But look what we found about 1.25 miles in, right on the side of the highway!!! They are really beautiful creatures!

  Just the other evening we had an awesome sunset with the clouds looking like they were just glowing!!! It was a great view!!

I do not remember this, but I was in the middle of changing living areas/styles! But it did some real damage to the state and the area. The picture below shows the plate drop/shift that in some places exceeded 7.5 feet!

But even with all that damage to the land, it didn't hit any major population areas too badly, which is a good thing. But when I read that the plain basin is widening about 1/2 inch each year...that is amazing! And that means that there will be another shaker!!

I just did my first "upload" to my YouTube is just the header for the video work I will be doing as I travel....not bad...I'm just so far behind the power curve on this social stuff I'm kinda like a fish out of water or in rapids I can't jump over!  LOL!  Let's hope the link works!!!

Just did another post from youtube app....IT WORKED!!!  LOL!

Have a great week and more to come in a few days!!!