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Monday, January 19, 2015

Temperature Rollercoaster!!

I guess I had forgotten just how this area has temperature swings in the winter! It is just flat crazy! Most of last week the highs were in the low 50's and the nights were down to the upper 20's at times. And on top of that, it was drizzly and rainy and windy for the majority of the week. Then it jumped up to the mid 60's for a couple of days....and the past several days were in the 40's with lows in the lower 30's.  NOW....they are calling for a high of 74 today and pushing 80 tomorrow! The low last night was 35. And by Thursday it is supposed to be a very good chance of rain with a high only in the lower 50's.

I know that doesn't sound that bad, and to me it really isn't that bad....but....when you are dealing with a 30-40 degree swing in 24 hours....and the humdity level is high....the "cold" just bites thru you!  And even though I have not really gotten a cold or the chest stays clear and breathing is fine....the issue for me is my sinuses! They have always been an issue, and these swings are wrecking havoc on them!

Now add to that the fact that apparently I have once again acquired an allergy to the cedar trees that are rampant in this part of sinuses are on a rampage about half the time!!  LOL  A little over a week ago I went and got some of the Walgreens generic Zartac (or whatever that allergy med is called) and started taking one a day.  It did the job and my sinuses dried up and my ears finally cleared....and I felt much better....for several days.  Then one morning I bent over to close my door and damn near fell out of the house! I felt like I had been on a 4 day drunk!  I immediately came over here and set down and broke out the blood pressure cuff....and you don't even want to know what my pressure was!  Let's just say that if it had been one of the mercury tubes I would have probably blown the top out of it!!!

Needless to say, I came off that med right that moment....and it took about 5 days for my pressure to get back down to an acceptable limit, and this morning it was down to 147/89.  I can live with that...literally!! LOL

Now on to catching you up on "Life in Bertha"!!  Have been working on the interior and it is coming along. Will have some new curtains up by next week, and have started working on getting "closeout" curtains up in front/over the overhead bunk area which is now storage. They will be a dark brown, I think, because that is the color of the ones that I got originally for the windows....but they will take too many panels....But I believe they will be enough to do the front top.  I want to find some nice pattern for the side curtains.

I'm also trying to decide on the color that I want to do the cabinet doors in.  It will be some shade of a moss or fern green...kind of a light pastel color. I just haven't been able to settle on just how light or green or pastel!!  LOL  But it will help lighten up the inside of Bertha.

Snickers and Abbie have finally started playing and putting up with each other. As usual, Abbie just doesn't know when to slow down and take a break....but Snickers is able to get her "point" across when she finally gets tired of it and wants to slow down. The only issue with that is that they have a tendency to play around my my legs sometimes inadvertently get the "point" also....dang little hypdermic needle claws!!!!!

I think I'll take a short nap and get ready for tonight. I'll be doing my laundry tonight...almost out of clothes again. I'm actually in shorts today...that's how nice it is today!

It has been a beautiful day here!  I just sat outside by my "porch" for an hour and a half....and it was glorious!  I'm in shorts and short sleeves and there is barely a breeze...and it is perfect!

It's about time to get ready for the night. So time to make some coffee, get my clipboard and check tire pressure! Then the circles begin!!!  More to come tomorrow and I'll have some pics of the site and Bertha. It is looking more and more like an apartment complex now!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Crud!!!

It is Sunday morning...still overcast...supposed to be mid-50's least it quit raining!  I have been tapped again by the crud/allergies/cold....whatever!  But feel better as of now.  I'm beginning to think that I will be fighting this garbage until Spring!  It just comes and goes...lasts about 24 hours and then it hides again. More of a pain in the you know what than being actually sick! Maybe the correct definition of it is that it is a hinderance to daily activities!  LOL 

Anyway....TODAY will be a good day....because as of 12 noon "Ice Bowl 2" it will be a good day!

I'll give an Ice Bowl 2 update after the game....maybe at halftime, depending on just how the first 2 quarters go!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 Days into the New Year!!

It is 10 days into the New Year....and it fits just like the "Old Year"! You would think a new year would feel different....but the clock still has 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a, like so all times in the continues on!

It has been quiet and a temperature roller coaster here for the past couple of weeks. We are having temp shifts of up to 30 degrees. And that make life for the sinuses very interesting! And I apparently have "regained" one of my allergies from the distant past...the one that had to do with the cedar trees in this part of Texas! I was miserable for a couple of weeks when the cedar count was bouncing between 800-1350! I thought my face was going to explode! But it has settled down and life continues on!

I have a new resident in my tiny house...and she is named "Snickers"! And I do believe that she will eventually get settled in.... be be a difficult transition for her, but I think we will weather it!!!  Heheheh

The one major improvement on my location here is the fact that I am also now on "hard power" out of the office more diesel fuel issues!!! It is so nice to not have to worry about turning the generator off for several hours each night to make sure that there was enough fuel to last for the 7 days between fuel ups!!

It has been raining/drizzling here for the past 2 days...we were under a Winter Storm Advisory for the past 24 some sleet and ice....then tonight got a little more and, on top of that, a little thunder and lightening! So this has been a really fun "cold front"! 

I just got done watching 2 very good football games! Playoffs....with one more to go tomorrow....Cowboys vs Packers...."Ice Bowl 2"....they have not met in a playoff since the last 1967!  So this should be a good game. The Packers took the last one...let's see what the Cowboys have for this one!!

Well, it is time for another round here to make sure that the earth hasn't moved a little bit in the past hour or so! It is usually very quiet here at night, especially when the weather is like this. There is just nothing going on here! Which if really nice, as far as I'm concerned!!  :) 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!! Possibly!!!..Hmmmmm

Well, a new year has come and is now This of 1/1/2015 00:01am.  And there are 364 more days and then there will be another New Year to look into....for a full :60 seconds!  Then THAT one will be THIS year also!!

But how did the past/old year go??? For me it was interesting...I went from an Independent Owner/Operator Truck Owner to a Contract Security person. Went from being in a different place every night to being in one place for 6+ months at a whack. Went from walking like a normal person to walking a lot like Walter Brennon! I'm now up to 6 grandkids! And one Chihuahua! (Lord knows I never expected to have a chihuahua with me as my "dog"!!)  When I let my hair grow out a little bit between is a lot grayer (or should I say it is a lot whiter!!). 

Overall, the past year was full of changes, "learnings" & also a lot of the "sameness" of life. 

What do I expect for the next year....a lot of changes, more "learnings" & also a lot of the "sameness" of life!!

And that is the beauty of it all! Things change every day, we need to learn something every day (no matter how big or small, grand or trivial it is) and be prepared for the same things to happen in the coming year that happened in the year gone by.

The one thing that I look forward to is being able to grow a little more in wisdom/knowledge and hopefully a bit more in the area of experience.....and that experience is the experience of living each day to the fullest that I can live it. It might not seem "full" to me at the time, but when I look back on it....hopefully every day will offer "a something" new in my experience of life on this little blue marble in the middle of this the middle of whatever it is that lies above our heads!

I'm sure that there are many things that I can learn, experience and gain some sort of wisdom from in the coming days....I just hope and pray that I have the common sense to see those things when they are presented to me in whatever form they happen to be packaged in. Because if there IS one thing that I have learned over the past year or so, it is that we never, Never, NEVER know just where that next learning/experiencing/"wisdom-ful" thing is going to come from for us to broaden ourselves on/with!

Soooo,,,,,,so long, good-bye, good riddance 2014......Hi, Hello, Welcome, Howdy 2015!  May you be the same as last year and may you be so much more than last year....and may I have the common sense to see what all you offer me in the next 364 days!! 

Signed........A Traveler Thru The Year!!!   ;-)