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Monday, April 11, 2022

Friday, April 8, 2022

TwF - Etowah Indian Mounds

 If you ever go through Cartersville, GA take the time to go by the Etowah Indian Mounds SP. It is well worth the time. The little museum is just excellent, they have a really well done video presentation about the history of the area, the tribe and the mounds. It is also a great place to let the kids run off some of that infinite energy they all seem to have and there are a number of picnic tables under the shade trees out front!


 And be sure to get out in the areas around you and see what there is available to visit! You will be surprised what is there close to home!!

 Be Safe, Travel Easy & Go To The Woods!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Twf 2021 Good Year Pt1

Part 1 of my 4 part series of Lily & my travels in 2021 is to get to work on part 2!!
Hope you enjoy the trip!! 

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Spots Can Be Found!!

If you are able to take the time to "look around an area" then you can find spots that are "less inhabited"!  But you have to do a little looking....but sometimes while you are driving around you will stumble onto a spot that just fits the bill if you are trying to have the "beach experience" without the wind, surf, salt breeze and people around!

Now I have to be honest....I didn't check and never thought about the fact that I was in Corpus Christi, TX and Padre Island.....right at the START of "Spring Break"!!!!!  😎😮😒😣 

My first week on Padre South Beach was actually quite fabulous! There were basically NO people on the beach once past the 5 mile marker. 

It was sooo quiet that it was hard to believe how busy it got!! As I've said before, I'm not really a beach person...not a big fan of them most of the time. BUT....Padre Island holds a special place in my heart! The beaches are beautiful, the sand is awesomely white and soft, & the dunes are just really something to behold!!  


There's still 42 miles of beach to a 4X4!
But after my last experience on Padre...not understanding the Nat'l Weather Service broadcasts about the Gulf, the
wave heights, "on shore winds", etc....and getting my little motorhome (Europa) buried on the beach overnight with storm surge & 35+ mph winds....I now park at least 20 yards from the high tide line AND listen closely to the weather broadcasts!!

Having said all that...I also have to remember that folks that only come to the beach "to have fun" have a tendency to really rough up the sands on the beach, loosen it up and make it a not real pleasant time to try to drive along the beach.




So welcome to "Spring Break". It gets to be a real mad-house!

So on one of my drives, I went up to Port Aransas to look around and ride the ferry! It was a 45 minute wait in line, many vehicles and rather warm for
a 5 minute ride to get across the channel!  LOL! 

Then drove up to Aransas Pass to look around. And the road there is along a causeway that is sand flats and wet marshlands along the way. It really is a pretty drive! I noticed there were people fishing along the way, and there were a couple of campers set up also. Sooo.... I drove back to the area and down onto the sand flats, which are very well packed and level. 

Now mind you, it is close to the highway but after just a few minutes, you don't notice the traffic sounds much and the view is grand, the sun was great, the wind was not really a pain....and you can seemingly sit there having a very pleasant camping experience without worrying about being told there is a limit on days allowed (apparently because I sat for 5+ days twice and never had a visit!). 

So the trip this year "to the beach" was not extended, but it was an overall pleasant experience. And the "sand flats" location is definitely saved in my GPS!  

So if you get down to Padre Island, drive along Hwy 361 on Mustang Island to Port Aransas, hop on the ferry (which is a free ride) and head up to Aransas Pass. You can not miss the Sand Flats (it is several miles long and on both sides of the causeway) and spend a couple of days there. 

C'ya! And remember.....

Be Safe, Travel Easy & Go To The Woods!!! 

Frog  &  Abbie

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