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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Shop Up & Soon to be headed "West"!!

Well, There is now a shop here! These a just a few pics of the going up process!

It was a 2 man crew, and it was amazing how fast they were able to put up the building!  

It was a two day process...which took 2.5 days due to rain! 

But we had a building by the evening of the third day! And it looks great!  And to add to the "excitement" of getting the shop up and being closer to opening there was also another big day!
 It was my granddaughter Julia's 10th birthday!! 

That was the excitement for the past few weeks!  I'm still doing the last minute things needed on Lily to be ready to hit the road in about 7-10 days. I'll be headed to Texas, Arizona and points West! Will probably be on the road for 3-5 months.
So hang in there with us....
We'll be looking for old friends and out of the way places to visit!!
Hope to c'ya out there soon!
Ray & Abbie
🐸       🐶