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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Blizzard 2017!!

Well, we've had our "first blizzard" for 2017 for Texas!!!

This is why I come south for the winter....
all the warmth!!!  Heheheheheh!

But this is also one of the draws to this's a lot like Idaho in the fact that the weather & the weather forecast changes every 4 hours!!

Now I'm just hoping that maybe this will have been our biggest storm for this winter! They're calling for the Hi temp for middle of the week to be back to chasing 70f!!

We also had a portion of the Alabama contingent of the Carlson herd out here for a Christmas visit. 

It was fast, but it was fun!

Hope this finds everyone well & having a great start to the 
New Year of 2017

Stay tuned for more to come from Texas & Alabama this winter!!