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Friday, October 30, 2015

More Rain!!!

We are getting wet again!  And seriously wet!  I woke up this morning to a very heavy rain, and it has been raining off and on all day....and now we have wind coming into the picture!  But it has made the temps here very comfortable and almost "fall like"!

I've gotten most of the leaks in Bertha taken care of...for the time being anyway!  Just still have one around the front roof vent...I'm hoping to conquer it tomorrow!! If it wil stop raining for a few hours.  But at least the "major" leaks are apparently now to get the rest of them "plugged"!

It's about time to head to work...another night of delivering food!!  And seeing if I can find more "little" hole in the wall restaurants that I want to go back and give a try!!  So far have found several that actually spark an interest in me!  And I am not one that is big on eating out!

C'ya in a day or two with an update!!  :-D

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This makes for a good read on economy!

The gov't and Wall Street are a little in the dark about the average "US Consumer"...and their income and their spending of what monies they have. This little read was and should be an eye-opener to a lot of folks that say "Oh, well, we are doing well"....are we????

The HEAT Is Still Here!! (Late to Publish!)

For those of you that are in the "cooler" parts of the country....stay away from Texas!!  The record hi here for today is 99...calling for 98 today.  The record hi for tomorrow is 92...calling for 96!  Today's record Hi is 105 years old...tomorrows was set in 1999.  I know I said I was going south for the winter where it was "warmer"....but this is ridiculous!!  LOL!  Checked this morning at was 34 in Stanley....sob, sob!!  :,)

Oh well, next year I'll just waint a couple of extra weeks before I head south for the summer!!!  :-D

And I thought I would add a couple of photos of my current "campsite"!  :-)

Since I've been here...for a month!  LOL...It has been HOT, fairly cool at times....and RAIN!!!  This past weekend, in case you missed the news...Texas almost got drowned!!  Here in NRH we had about 6 inches...but just south of Dallas, in Corsicana, they had over 22 inches in 3 days, and over 13 of that fell in one day!  It has been unreal!!

I have found my "winter job"...I'm delivering food!  And really overall enjoying it! The company I'm with is called "DoorDash". I've picked up and delivered food from high-end French restaurants to Taco Bell to Wendy's to Pizza places to smokehouses to Panera Bread to oriental & Greek!  So needless to say I have found some really neat places to go and try out eventually! 

That about does it for in late from work and I'm ready for some sleep!  I'll try to get some more pics on in a few days and give you an update on Bertha and what has and is going to be done on her in the coming weeks!  :-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Back In TX...Looking Back @ The Summer!

I have been sitting here thinking about this past summer....and all that went on and all the great campers I have met....and just started looking at pictures of it....and thought I would send some a few of them back up again!!
....a lot of good folks that really enjoy being in the outdoors.....
....introduced me to a few "new" tastes......
...I have an "office" there that most folks just dream things just taste better when you're in the woods.....

I just had to pass along a few thoughts of the summer again while I was sitting here! But it is now time for staying a little warmer during the winter months...but I have decided that next year I will wait a couple of more weeks before I head has been in the 90's here ever since I got here...just a little bit warmer than I would like!!!

C'ya soon!!  :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Texas Yesterday!

I crossed over into Texas yesterday afternoon...and boy was it windy!  I was either fighting fog/low overcast or wind in CO and OK. And the wind was the worst in Oklahoma....but it carried right over into the panhandle of Texas also!  So I got across into the panhandle of TX and found a roadside table pulloff and called it quits for the night!

My little 4K generator has either given up the ghost and needs to be laid to rest, or she is in need of some major "doctoring"!  So thank goodness I have my solar panel set! I set it up this afternoon and charged my van batt for several hours, then changed over to the aux batts and charged them for an hour or so and then hit the road again!

Made it to Childress, TX for the night, parked in the Wally here....there is no telling how many times I have parked here!  It is one of my favorite spots to break for the night.  In the morning I'll charge the aux batts first thing, then let Bertha's batts charge for several hours, and then I'll try to knock out about 150 miles!  I'm about 224 miles from Tif & Cary's...I plan on being there by Thursday evening...hopefully!

That about covers it for today.  More of the continuing saga soon!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Colorado...and almost Sunshine!

In Ft Collins, CO and the day is looking better...except for the traffic!  And boy, I had forgotten about the traffic!  I had been surprised about the traffic that rolled by us last night where we spent the afternoon and nite....US Hwy 287 just north of Livermore, CO.  Wellllll.....then we hit Ft Collins this morning!  LOL!  Welcome back to "civilization"!!! It is still crazy on the roads!!

We stopped at the welcome centeer in Ft Collins, Abbie just chillin' and watching the folks come in.

Me checking the skies and weather reports....and trying to still get used to having a car follow me so closely and for so many miles!  LOL!!  But it is a really good feeling to have an "escape pod" just in case it is needed!!  And from what I can tell, Bertha can not really tell that Sidekick is behind us!  It might be costing a little bit in mpg's, but overall we are averaging 7.2-7.6mpg....not bad for a rolling "collectable" and driven by an "antique"!!!  :-)

And now that I am a "full-time" RVer...I just had to play the part and make sure that I loaded up on "propaganda" from the great state of Colorado!  Have started a file box for all my state propaganda that I will be collecting as I roll from state to state!

It is about time to do a few more miles! It is nice to not really have a schedule...but I do still need to get to Texas sometime this month!! And the sun has almost come out! So it should be a good day!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Heading South!! :-)

I have headed south for the winter! And things are going pretty well. Bertha is still not charging like she should, but that is why I carry a generator with me...for backup for whatever doesn't work right!  LOL!

I'm about 9 miles west of Laramie, WY tonight...and I got here and parked just in time to fire up the TV, scan for channels....and catch the Thursday Night Football game! There are good points to getting back to some segments of society! Not many at times....but there are high points!  ;-)

Today was a good driving day. I actually covered a little over 200 miles today. More than I planned on doing each day, but trying to find a decent spot to park in WY is almost  a lost cause. They just don't give many spots for parking...I now remember why I didn't like driving thru here when in a truck.

But the one thing that has made me quite happy is that Bertha, overall is averaging a little over 7.4mpg! That is great for my budget and my upcoming winter!  And it makes me rest a little easier that as I get things fixed/updated on her, it will continue to get better.

It was a gorgeous evening. The sunset was just beautiful!  Sat here and watched the football game....the Ravens won over the Steelers in OT....and then I started shuting down for the evening. A very relaxing evening! Just a little while ago, I realized that I was rocking from side to side in the house...and the wind has picked up a lot....a steady 12-15mph gusting to 25+mph. And it is trying to rain!  It made me think about what it must have been like for the homesteaders and miners that came out here over a hundred years ago. What it must have been like to be in wagons, on horseback and walking in a land where the weather changes in a matter of hours!  It makes me appreciate Bertha, even with all the little issues she still has....but I am sitting here with lights, out of the wind/rain, warm....and comfortable! :-)  And with a nice warm cup of coffee!!

Guess I had better get to sleep so that I can roll in the morning...sometime!!  I have gotten used to not having to worry about a schedule too much...just go with the flow of the day!

More to come later as the trip south continues!!  :-D