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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Almost always cool!

Took time to run into the admin offices today...turn in money and do some laundry! It's a really nice drive in so enjoy the time!

I bought an Igloo cooler last week that is supposed to be a 5 day cooler...and it actually is!  It was on clearance at ShopKo in Springerville, $20 off!  It has a handle, wheels and actually did keep the ice for almost 5 days. Even with the ice gone today, the inside was still cold! So got another block ice and off we go!

It is still nice here. The mornings are averaging around 39-43f, but we have had a few days this past week over 90f. It hit 95f on Wednesday. Yesterday was "only" 89f. This morning was 37f. So we are having 35-40 degree swings! Really works well on the sinuses!!

That's really about all to add from here this week. Still slow as far as campers go. Have not been half full yet, but that does make if nice for me!  😁 

So until next week, have a grand week and....

C'ya out here someday!!  πŸΈπŸŒ…πŸš™

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

40 Days Down...A Bunch To Go!

Well, I don't think high speed internet has made it this far out yet!

Wanted to add a few (couple) of pics of the area...took 8 min to get the first pic just a couple more then I'll give up for now.

I give up...32 min & 3 pics...I'm of these days I'll get some pics to you!  😀 

Until then, things are rolling along well here. The morning lo's are averaging 39f. Perfect!

Hope this finds everyone doing well & enjoying each day! I'll be back with another try at updating soon!

Til then...

C'ya out here!

"Grand it is....when wandering time has arrived"
...Inuit saying