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Monday, October 21, 2013

Colorado....yeah, so!?!?!

I've been in Colorado Springs, CO since Saturday....delivered that morning and have been here since then taking a 48 hour break so that I will have a full log.  It is gorgeous outside, 50 degrees....last night it was cold,windy, with snow and freezing rain!  My how things change!

I'm waiting for a load so that I know which way I'm headed from here.  :)  I'm trying to work my way back to AL for a visit, and hopefully will be there in a week or so.  Time of the year to keep myself down in the warm country as much as possible!  Heheheh

Think I just might work my way over to someplace...a grocery store for a couple of things then find somewhere else to hide until I get a load.  :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Maybe I will get more consistent with BLOGGING!! LOL

It has been a few weeks....again....since my last post....SORRY!!!  :)

I've been coast to coast at least twice since last post.  Have had quite a few different loads....
from cable frames for tie lines for cell phone towers (put in hole and concrete poured in) to...... 
scaffolding that was going to be used in an upgrade construction project at a TVA power plant site....picked up in Maryland and taken to Tennessee....

I had never really realized just how large the cooling towers are for these power plants....and there were 2 at this plant!

I hauled my last load of onions....I don't do onions anymore, there are just not worth the $$, no matter what they are paying...they just take too much time to tarp, up to 3 hours, and they leave your tarps stinking for weeks afterward!
One load of "oil field equipment" was anything but that!  It ended up being a load of 4X4's that are used to block up the pipeline being laid while it is welded and then set...

and the wood was not banded very well and I had to stop several times to push in pieces and actually had to pull out a couple before they fell off the trailer!

The load I'm under right now is a load of "poles" that came out of Idaho to Riverbank, CA.  And the little "plant" I picked up at was a trip!
It is in the northern end of the that is called "Hell's Canyon", ID.  

And the road out was about as interesting as the way in!

But when out in the road, the view and the sights make for short memories of the rather lousy load/deliver spots that we end up in at times.

And thanks to the boys and their Comcast account, I actually get to watch a little football every so often!!

At the same time, the roads can be a real "pain".. not long ago, when I had a load of PODS on board. As I was going around LA I hit construction on I-5....and I hit a "bump" (that's what the sign said) that was so hard/abrupt/deep, that it shifted a loaded POD 6 inches to the right and rearranged my truck interior!
And you even get to see some really well done up vechicles that almost make you want to take some time in one spot to see if you can fix up one for yourself!!  Like a 1972 restored Ford Bronco!!!  Sweet!
  BUT.......I just have 1,038 days left out far a "working" goes!  I am obviously looking forward to 62 and Abbie and getting in the Beast and hitting the back roads with my kind of pace...50 miles today, 150 miles 4 days later and maybe, just maybe, 300 miles over the next 15 days!!  LOL

 I am about to eat some dinner and then go wash some clothes and then take a shower....then later I will be driving on over to my drop and parking there outside the gate so that I will be there when they open in the morning.

So, until my next post......have a great week!!!!  :)