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Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Hi gang!
It's been a few weeks since the last post...sorry!! I'm back in TX and will be here for a few months overall! 
I'm just now beginning to actually feel like I'm "retired"! And it is getting better every day! But like anything, it takes a while to get into a new regimen, but I'm getting there!
Arizona was a bit rough on Europa and I still have several things, mechanically, that need to be repaired, and several "upgrades" that I'm in the middle of doing to her. It will be a few more weeks before I get them all done.And I'm in the middle of making some changes to the interior of Europa. Adding and subtracting from her. But getting there slowly but surely. 
Keep checking back to see where & when we will be back on the road for the year. I will be on the beach around Corpus Christi, Tx for several weeks starting around the latter part of March. Haven't spent time on the beach in 30+ years...probably longer! But my youngest & her hubby have changed locations due to job & now live down there! I found out that I can stay on the city beaches for quite a while, just have to get a "city beach sticker"...$12....for the year!!  :-)  And Padre Island NP is just down the road & you can camp on the beach, as long as you stay between the water's edge & the grass/dunes. So I'm going to try on being a "beach bum" for a few weeks! for the new website....I'm hoping to be an old dog that learns a few new tricks....used to do websites...but I have been left behind! The last time I tried the "one major website building system" I couldn't even change the address on my homepage!!  But I am going to give it another run and this time I will get it....if it makes all my gray hair fall out!!
I'll post the new address here once I am able to get it up and running. I'm going to try to have it up within the next 6 weeks.  The address should be....
   ....for "America, You Need To See It". And it will be a one-stop site. I plan on having information, gallery, videos, pamphlets, blog....everything on the site. So stay is coming!!

As for now, I will continue to do repairs, upgrades & make plans for/to Europa.
Take care and hope to see you out there on the back roads soon!!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers