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Saturday, March 22, 2014

In Abilene, TX...Once again! :-)

I'm in Abilene, TX again!  And taking a 34hr restart so that I can deliver Monday morning and then be at the Volvo shop for 2 days...finally have made it back to Tye so that I can get Bertha straightened out.

On the way up here from Houston, things went well....until I got about 10 miles out of the city.  Apparently they were having some sort of a money raising bike ride event and I got just a little pissed at the riders....Now don't get me wrong, I have no real problem with bike long as they stay in their lane or on the shoulder!

The trucks that I delivered in Rosharon, TX to the Mamoeth Yard for heavy haul got taken off my truck by "elevator"....they used a 2 inch thick piece of steel on the forks of a 10 ton forklift to back the trucks onto, then I drove out from under it, and they lowered each one like an elevator!

  A really novel solution to a problem that existed due to the fact that there was not a unload ramp/dock at that yard. And some of the equipment that they have for moving really big stuff is just amazing!

Of course, coming out of Houston was a blast, as usual!  Between the rush hour traffic, and then the construction (which almost got me lost/stuck!) it was just a blast!!  And Texas seems to have this "thing" for overpasses....they are everywhere you look!

I've been parked at a WallyWorld here in Abilene all afternoon and evening and will be staying here for the night. Really quite peaceful here, and right next to a large grassy area for Abbie.  I have gotten a little bit of "room" cleaning done, and a little rearranging....and I am surprised at how much room is appearing in my of these days I will get everything put up in its own little spot and all the useless stuff moved/thrown away!  Maybe!!  LOL

But right now it is about time to get ready for some sleep...and try to sleep with the smell of another pot of stew cooking!!!  And boy does it smell good!!!  I'm settling down to one pot of stew a week...and get about 3 meals out of it each time....and it is really getting better each time!  :-)

Everybody have a good night and a good Sunday....I'll watch the race, get Abbie some spa time, finish my "resting" for the weekend, and get ready to get Bertha all fixed up.  I am hoping to be in Alabama in just a couple of weeks, then again in June and August for a little time off each time.

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