Friday, March 21, 2014

Running to Houston!

Today was a pretty good day of driving....a bit windy, but overall a good day. Until I got to Houston...and you can tell from the pic, fuzzy as it might be, that there was quite a bit of 11:20pm!

Apparently there was some sort of Rodeo Extravaganza at the big coliseum on the south side of town and it was closing down for the night as I was coming around was like rush hour!  Unbelievable traffic for this time of night.  But got thru it fairly easily and when I took my exit to come down to Rosharon I left what seemed like 80% of it behind!  Thank goodness!

I will be offloading the two trucks that I have onboard tomorrow morning and then running up to Liberty, TX to load out for Abilene.  I deliver there Monday morning and will be in Tye, TX for 2 days or so getting maintenance done on the truck. 

Time for a little sleep and rest...hopefully!  I'll try to add more tomorrow and also a few pictures.

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