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Thursday, June 27, 2013

One of these days.......

One of these days I will get on a more-or-less schedule and get this blog updated in a more reasonable time frame!  I got to my pick for in the morning this evening and by the time I got backed in, took Abbie out and ate something,laid out my run and took an unplanned nap, it was just too late to mess with getting pics moved over into the I will just do a quick update.

In Streetsboro, OH for the night.  Load out in the morning, run down to Cincinnati, do another pick for this run, then turn west and head for Aurora, CO.  Will be there Sunday night, make my drop Monday morning and then turn south for Albuquerque, NM for the 2nd drop on this run.  By then I will be out of hours again and be doing a restart. So will lounge around there for 2 days, look at the little motorhome I'm looking at and then do another 6 days, run out of hours and do it all over again!!

Been storming here all day/evening...wish some of it would go out to the Southwest....they are really hurting for water.  Be that as it may, I will be glad to get west of the MS river again!!

Oh, and today I finally got my lightweight is a 3 piece set and each piece weighs about 1/3 of weight of the other 2 tarps that I have had to use.  Thanks to Cavin for letting me get the light weight I told Erin (my dispatcher), I really don't mind was the picking up and moving around 130-185 pound tarps that was just in the plan for me to do!!  LOL

Anyway, 11:24pm so it is bedtime, 5:30 still comes early.  See you in the next couple of days and hopefully there will be a bunch of pics for you to see!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reset time again...In MO this time! :)

In the middle of another 34hr southern Missouri this time.  I deliver in Jackson, TN in the morning, then turn and run back to W Memphis, AR to load out for Greensboro, NC.  Supposed to be in NM Tuesday morning...that is not going to happen.  But should be able to get there by Tuesday afternoon, late.

Have been working on the inside of the truck last night and today...between cat naps!  LOL  I'm about 90% done with the cabin...just a few things to get put up or thrown away and then some light cleaning and my mobile apartment will be pretty well setup!  :)  I've been going thru stuff that I have not used in 4 months and it went in the circular file box!  And I finally went thru my clothes and got rid of all my old stuff (have bought new shorts and shirts...don't look ragged any more!).  So all my clothes are either hanging or in one small tub, most of my food stuffs have homes now, electronics either in a case or cabinet, tools put away in tool box under dinette seats.  Just have stuff in one dinette seat to find homes for and a small amount in passenger seat!  Can almost see the whole floor!!!  It will get cleaned this evening and the throw rug will be taped in place and it will look like an actual living area!!  My bed linens get folded and put on the top bunk, along with pillows, and figured out how to get the top bunk raised up about 70% of the way up so that I now have head room all day!  Just drop it down at night and set up bed and ready for sleep!  Takes about 45 seconds to make my bed and 30 seconds to put it up in the mornings!  :D

You can tell when shipping is down a bit....the rest area I have been camped out in is a brand new one on the southern end of I-55 in MO (they closed down 2 on N bound and 2 on S bound) and they have only been opened a few monthsl  Last night the truck parking area never got much over 1/2 full!  So it was peaceful and the view is not bad. 

I think I'll listen to the end of the race and work on the cabin for a while and when I get done later I'll get back on here and post a few pics of my "cleaned up, set up mobile Japanese Efficiency Apartment!! 

I shall return!!  ;)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Trying to get on a Schedule! :)

I guess that I am about to get my act together and start being able to make additions to this blog on a more regular basis.  I though I would take this opportunity to more or less bring you up to speed on where I have been the past couple of months. 

I spent several months hauling sand for the fracking of the wells in south and west Texas.  During that time I had to come to the realization that I am a driver that is an OTR (over the road) driver.  Sitting in the middle of the desert waiting to be able to unload my sand for use at the wells, making a fairly good income, was actually getting to me!  I got really tired of having so much time to just
sleep, watch TV & just vegetate!!

 And after several months, I had to face the fact that when I got a few days off.....I didn't want to return to the fields!

Have you ever spent a whole night sitting out under the stars and having a campfire & listening to the sounds of the night??? the oilfields you see stars....and have VERY bright lights for "safety" and "the sounds the night" diesel engines running full-bore to build the pressures needed to accomplish the mission!  LOL   :)

I had to admit to myself after a few months that this was not the life for me!  I like being mobile, being on the road every day,
seeing a different sunrise and sunset every day!
Seeing different signs of the past!!

Having the opportunity to  go see businesses that are doing things the same way that they were done 100 years in getting a load of logs that had been cut to be the final shipment for a log home!  The logs came from Oregon....and went to Pennsylvania.

 Getting to drive along byways of the US that will just take your breath away...and make me want to stop and take pictures and  just be at peace for 5 minutes!!



 Seeing snow covered mountains in 90 degree weather!
Making deliveries next the ocean and seeing the glory of the waves!

Driving down roads that only the "locals" see each day!

Heading down an interstate highway and seeing a trailer full of someones whole life and wondering just how many miles they will get before the little tires that they are trusting their possessions to BLOW UP!!!


 And seeing little pieces of the history of the roads in the US being preserved for the future!!
I guess that I have rambled on enough for one night. I took a few days off to rest and try to finish getting my truck set up. I am about halfway thru my list of things I want to get done.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the completion day of my setup of my rolling Japanese efficiency apartment?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rest time

I am here
Playing with the TA/Petro app for my phone. Just seeing if it will post to my blog. :)