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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Closing Down & Locking Up!

Getting closer yet to leaving. Sunny Gulch closed it gates at noon yesterday...and I have the campground to myself once again!  And boy is it quiet here....after setting occupancy records for the  majority of the summer it is almost surreal the quiet here!  It is so quiet that I haven't seen any deer the last couple of days!  LOL!

I've been cleaning up, locking up and getting ready to roll out of here this coming weekend. I'm waiting for my solar panels to arrive on Thursday, "play" with them for a couple of days and then hit the road for Texas.

But I just had to give you an update on my last "die-hard" campers that I had here.......

This is Tom, Marsha & Barney! They are Idahoians and were out for one more trip before the summer totally ended....and to try to escape the smoke back home! They live near some of the fires that are still going on in Idaho. Tom said that when they pulled out of home that you were doing good to see more than a few hundred yards due to the smoke!

This is Richard & Rebecca, from Oregon. Just making one of their annual trips around the country and trying to stay out of the smoke and away from the fires. They said that it had seemed that the smoke had been following them around.

And this is Lisa from Montana....and she is a "traveling nurse"...which I had never heard of a traveling nurse!  She moves around the country filling in where there are short-term shortages in the nursing field! I thought that was quite cool!  She had been in Boise for a few months and is now headed south to the AZ area for part or a lot of the winter!

While I was cleaning firepits, I noticed a little eyeball looking at me thru one of the vent holes in a pit....and look what I found!!

I think I had interrupted his winter stocking activities! He stayed in the side until I was done, then hopped up on the side and gave me the evil eye for a couple of minutes before heading off to his "home"!  LOL!

I keep taking picture of "my mountains" because I just truly love this area! They look different every day in some way due to the light, clouds and angles.  I already can't wait to get back to Sunny next year!

And I have been determined to have some "good" fires before I leave, and I have succeeded on having some really good ones!  In fact they have been so good that I have burned up about 75% of the wood that I had stacked up on my pad in about 4 nights!!!  I'm gonna miss my fires!!

So as the season closes out the skies here still give me a show each evening that is worth taking pictures of and I will probably be taking pictures of the evenings for quite a few more years....and I just can't wait!!

Time to get the day on the road, get a little more put up, my pad cleaned and Bertha ready for the run south!!  See you again in a couple of days!

Friday, September 11, 2015

The End is Near...And I have "New" wheels!!

It has been chilling down here for the past week and it is now warming back up again! Last weekend, Labor Day, I only had about 16 campsites occupied. Why? Because it dropped down to the low 20's all weekend, even had some sleet here. So needless to say, a lot of the potential campers stayed home! But this weekend is looking at low 80's and I'm already having folks roll in to get at least one last good weekend on the lake and in the woods for the year! I'm guessing that I will be busy for the next 3-4 days.

I have also, this week, become the proud owner of a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick that is in extremely good condition...almost pristine! Found it by total accident...totally unexpected...was not looking for a vehicle yet...and it fell into my lap! My thanks go out to Mike & Julee for working with me on holding the car for me until I was able to get my financial update taken care and for hanging in there with me! They were good enough to let me put a "downpayment" on it so that I would have time to get the monies in for it.
I haven't given her a name yet, but that will come with time! There are almost no blemishes except for the normal road chips that you get over the years. Just a couple of minor dings on the body...barely noticeable. Gave it a good bath (that was fun...using buckets for the water...very invigorating when you toss the water and forget about the fact that it will "bounce" back at you!!  LOL! and yesterday I actually waxed her! It has been MANY years since I was excited enough with a vehicle to wax it! LOL!  And between digging out fire pits AND waxing the foot is killing me! Time to take a couple of days break from walking on it!

These pics are of the interior...and it is like new! It even has the original carpet in it and it is in excellent condition! I'm so pleased!

Meet (L-R) Hans, Dorette, Teo & Eric...a really great family from Switzerland. These two boys are the grandsons and the last time they were here they were about knee high!  LOL!  They were a great family and I enjoyed having the here. 

This is Tim & Tonya...they have been here a couple of times and have been a joy.  Always a smile and pleasant conversation. They are camping in a (I think I remember correctly) a restored 1960 Airstream Bambi...a really sweet little trailer!

I would like you to meet Alessia & Ilaria....from Italy! My first Mediterranian travelers!

This is Biswa & Manisha from India. They were a very pleasant couple and were just a great pair to have in Sunny!!

This is James...he has been here a couple of times. He is a "local" and just enjoys getting out! He has been a great camper and I have really enjoyed getting to know him.

This is (L-R) Celeste, Ken & Mark. They were fantastic folks...always smiling and great to talk with!  They were even smiling even when they had vehicle issues, and when they went to put the boat in for one last time ended up having to be towed back to the dock! When you can keep smiling and have a positive can get thru anything!! I look forward to seeing them next year!

Scott & Candace dropped in just to have a couple of quiet days in the mountains! It got cold while here...but they seemed to have enjoyed the time in the woods and I hope to see them again next year!

And as campers have still been creating havoac with my diet and keep me having to "re-time" my eating schedule! This was some fabulous lasagna and salad!  It's tough being a camphost with campers like I have here at Sunny!!  Heheheheh!

And it is really nice to come down the road entering into Sunny and seeing a second vehicle in the #1 site!  It is amazing how good it feels to have your own wheels again and being able to drive yourself to do the things you need to get to!  :-)

This update was started about 5 days that time I have been closing down some and also trying to get myself a little bit recharged after a long, busy summer of getting broke in as a camphost!  And I got broken in right!!  It has been a full summer and the campgrounds here have set records in occupancy for all of July and most of June and August!  But I have enjoyed this summer more than any I can remember!

Today I spent most of it in Challis, ID getting a towbar mounted on the Sidekick. My garbage man, Earnie, brought me a towbar and handed it to me & told me to make use of it if I could! And boy am I going to make use of it!  Thanks to Earnie I have found a shop in Challis that is not only a fantastic welding shop, but they specialize in Mopar engines!  The mount that they built for my towbar is about 200% better/stronger than the one that I could order from the company that made the towbar and for about half the cost! I am very comfortable with the fact that if this towbar falls off...the front of the car will be falling off also!!
The shop is a father/son operation and they do great work...and were a blast to watch and listen to!  Above pic they started work on the mount. Below was what we thought was it!  Then Cody (the son) realized that this put the towbar too low to work, so he added angles up of metal that put it at top bumper level....I'll put on a pic of that later (I forgot to take a pic before it got to late today!! ).

Meet Kevin Turner, a fellow camphost (at Mormon Bend campground)...he and I are almost kindred spirits! I have been very happy to have met and gotten to know him and we will be keeping up with each other. Kevin is a great guy and seems to always have a happy outlook on matter what!

Tom and John came by while I was gone today and took my solar panels & batteries!!!  Sorry guys!  LOL!  That just means the end is near. The lower loop of the campground was closed today when they left, and Monday the 21st I will be closing the upper loop also. So I will probably be headed out of here by the 27th at the latest, apparently! And from the  looks of the mountains around here, it is definitely time for his boy to be heading south for the winter!!

I'll try to do an update this weekend to let you know the end is really near!

C'ya latr!!  :-D

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Still Have Good Campers!

The season is closing down slowly... but the temperatures are coming down a whole lot faster! It clouded up last night, so it only dropped down to 44 last night, instead of 34! But the next few days are supposed to be cooler...with lows in the very low 20's. I only have 11 campsites occupied as of right now. But it is Labor Day weekend, so we shall see if there are any real die hards out there for camping for the last time in the season!

Had a foursome in here last night from IN. They have been making a summer road trip since they graduated from High School...this was the 10th trip for the group! They will be running about 3,500-4,000 miles on this run by the time they get back home. Really nice guys!

(From l - r)
Andrew - HD V-Rod
Austin - Buell
Anthony - HD Night Train
Tyler - Kawasaki Ninja

And Sunny Gulch is still one of the best places that I have spent a summer in many, many years! You can never be sure just what you will see each day...and there always seems to be a surprise around the corner! This is what I saw the other afternoon when I looked east towards Red Fish Lake area. And the pic does not do it service!!!  It was awesomely bright! But it is just the icing on the cake for a long summer in the high plains desert mountains of Idaho!!

That about covers it for now from Sunny Gulch!  I'm about to crank my "quiet" generator before it gets too late and cook up a batch of cornbread muffins to go with the rice & chili I made yesterday. And it will be nice to have the warm of the cornbread on a chilly night that is so good for hot chili!!!  Heheheh!

Take care and more to come!!!  C'ya!