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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Wet Weekend!

This past weekend was a WET weekend here! From Sunday mid-day to Monday evening the area received around 2.25 inches of rain. In in the surrounding areas as much as 4+ inches of rain fell! 

I made getting around the site on the equipment a very difficult task! When the mud gets almost half as high as the wheels on the equipment, it takes a real effort to get from one point to another.

This is a foundation ditch that is being poured for the footing for a section of the wall around the project. It is about 4 feet deep, and as you can tell, Monday afternoon, it was almost to the top of the dug portion with water! It all has to be pumped out and then it needs to dry to a point before they can continue.

Yesterday afternoon they were shooting GypCrete up to the 6th floor for floor areas...and it was all the little Bobcat could do to move around keep the machine fed with sand! 

But in the end of the day... we did have a decent sunset for just a few minutes!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

VERY Interesting Read! 🐸

WOW!! Something to think about!