Monday, March 17, 2014

CA to OR to TX :-)

Just a quick update so that I don't forget to do it today. I got empty yesterday in Weston, OR with that whopping load of stainless steel equipment (5,835 lbs  :-D ) and am about to head to Clarkston, WA to pickup a 30' trailer to take down to the Houston, TX area.

It was a good drive up here from CA.  No issues, smooth sailing and good fuel economy.  

I was going to stay at the overlook on I-84 before you drop off to Pendleton, OR, but after watching the weather on the news from Portland, I decided to drive on into the drop. They were calling for rain/frozen mix on lower levels and snow in the passes of the off the mountain I came!

Got unloaded yesterday morning and Erin found me a load out of this "left coast country" and I'm headed back to the warmer climates!!  It was 38 degrees this morning with winds that went from steady 34mph up to gusts of 54mph....and with the damp.....IT WAS COLD!!!

Made it to my pickup point yesterday...thought I was loading up another flatbed trailer, but as you can see, that is not what I got!  LOL  Two pickup trucks headed for Rosharon, TX...I should be there by late Thursday evening.

Time to sleep. I'll try to get more on here tomorrow evening if I have signal.  :-)  I think it was Joshua that posted this....It is sooooooo true!!  LOL   I think that is the way a lot of the "new" drivers get in this world!!!

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