Sunday, May 16, 2021

Last days in Arizona!

Another beautiful morning in the woods of Arizona!! Bright sun, blue skies & the wind is picking up! 🐸

The nights have been Nice & cool! In the mid-thirties every morning! And 70 each day! The temperatures that I look for! 

I was able to finally get my "rear looking lights" wired up and the switch installed. Of course I would buy a switch that didn't come with a mounting bracket!

So with what I have with me I "made" a mounting plate! It's not perfect, but it does do the job! I can reach it easily from the driver's seat and from the back for when I'm parked/camping. And they are a lot brighter than I thought they would be! YEA!

 And, for the first time, I got into the trailer after it was dark outside! And the little light I got at Harbor Freight is a LOT brighter than I expected. Very Good!

I include this pic of a newspaper article from the "White Mountains Independent" about the drought & fires out here in AZ. And it seems to be the issue in almost all of the Western states. They are in a world of hurt for moisture!
And I hope that this summer doesn't get a bad as the past couple of years....but it is not looking good....and this screenshot was several days ago. πŸ˜–

So keep up with about 6 days we will be on the road North bound on the next leg of this years travels. OH....and working on getting a custom logo designed by #prlcreative. Can't wait to see it...and when done, there will be stickers coming out very soon after that.
And it you follow us on Instagram you will know all about the #icaughtfrog2021 that gives you a chance to get a sticker! And maybe have a cup of coffee with Abbie & me. Just take a pic or log down where you saw us & the date....and tag us in a post, and a sticker will be headed your way...soon as we know where to send it!

So I hope you stay with us, get on Instagram because we post there several times a week, if you like our travels stop by and check us out on Patreon.

C'ya out here...soon!?!?!  

Get out into the woods!!

Frog & Abbie

🐸        🐢



Monday, May 3, 2021

Feels Soooo Good!


It really does feel good to be back on the road!! And counting my short run in January, so far this year, Lily, Abbie & myself have driven over 8,000 miles already! At this pace, slow as it is that I drive!, we should do about 20-25,000 miles before year's end.


As of now we are in Arizona sitting in the woods outside of Alpine, AZ in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat'l Forest. Off the grid, nice view & trying to not get blown away!  LOL! The wind has been strong ever since I left DFW. 10-25mph and gusts getting up to 45+. Just a bit breezy. 





And of course I had to stop-over at one of my all time favorite spots....the VLA (Very Large Array) for a night! And it was an interesting evening! Late in the afternoon started raining...and then....along came the sleet & tiny flakes of snow! Needless to say, it was a "cool" night! Was 28 degrees when I woke up the next morning!



Except for the wind it was a nice drive over from DFW. As I said, except for the wind, it was a really good drive. spent 5 days on the road here. Will be in the area until at least the 19th of May. Possibly longer. It really depends on the weather.




  I'm making plans and working thru the atlases to drive US-191 all the way up to Yellowstone NP. US-191 runs from the Mexican border all the way to the Canadian border. So it will be a long run! But it is mainly 2-lane all the way, doesn't seem to go over too many passes and runs thru the "back roads" that I love to travel! I'm thinking that I will take about 4-6 weeks to make the drive.

I got out my '54 Rand McNally atlas to see what was along the highway back in 1954...and discovered that US-191 started at the border and ended in Cortez, CO back was US-666 then!  LOL! They changed the number quite a few years back. I'm getting the sticker tomorrow that says "I drove the Devil's Highway" to add to Lily's growing collection of stickers.

It will take me up thru AZ, UT, WY & MT. Several really nice spots all along the way. And the highway runs right thru the middle of Tetons NP and Yellowstone NP. So the views and photo opportunities will be fantastic.



 All the money I put into Lily and her 2-wheeled suitcase seem to be paying off. Getting 13-14.5mpg in the hills & up to 18-20mpg on flat ground. But, with 20mph headwinds, it does drop at times down to 11-12mpg. But overall it is hitting about where I planned  for my gas budget. 




So that's where things stand right now with Frog's 2021 Travels! As it stands right now, I'm planning on being on the road for 12-18 months. Several "layovers" along the way for

a week or two in several places....just don't know where those spots will be yet!

So hang in there with me as I see what I can find running the back roads of the USA!

C'ya out here soon!!

Frog & Abbie

🐸    &   🐢

Thursday, April 22, 2021


Hit the road Tuesday morning. And feels good to be rolling along again! Taking my time... which is hard for me to do! Too many years of having to keep up a time my deadline is..."whenever"! LOL!
Sooooo...start late.....end day early! Heheheh! But I do admit, it feels very good!

And being able to stop & look at things that I flew past in prior days is actually very refreshing to me!
If you follow me on Instagram, truckingfrog, then you know about #icaughtfrog2021. If you should see Lily or Frog, take a picture of us, post it & tag us and I'm working on getting stickers to give out! It could become an interesting thing to follow! Feels like a fun possibility! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΈ
It's time for b'fast, so have a GREAT DAY, and keep checking back in with us. This is the beginning of 12 months on the road!

C'ya out here!
Frog & Abbie
   πŸΈ         πŸΆ

Friday, April 16, 2021

Just sitting by the Gulf!

Decided to try out the Blogger app to see if it has gotten any better...& surprisingly it has! πŸΈπŸ‘πŸ»

So I might just be able to keep up now! πŸ€ͺ🀣 Just killing time today by the Gulf, outside of Flower Bluff, TX. Literally across the waters from my daughter's place. 

My accomplishment this week has been to get Lily's roof coated with elastromeric paint....seals the roof & insulates. Them I go over the paint with a coat of high gloss enamel to make it presentable! 🐸🚐. It came out pretty well.

I'll be headed "North" Tuesday, going thru Austin then on to DFW visiting some friends.

So keep checking in with us, this is hopefully the beginning of 12-14 months on the road!

C'ya out here!
Frog & Abbie
   πŸΈ         πŸΆ

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A Busy Month! 🐸


 March was a BUSY month! Starting with getting Long Garage ready for the Grand Opening! And it went very well. Had a pretty good turnout. Not sure just how many came, but I will say that we were steady with people for over 4 hours. Which was great!

And there was also a live radio feed of the first two hours, which helped to bring in quite a few of the folks!

During the month I also worked on, or had work done, or....Cary did work on Lily! From having a rear deck/rack added.....

 To having a complete front brake job done - by Cary!

 To my finishing up the "deck build" Lily now has an actual deck, wooden! Big enough for 2 people or 1 person & the BBQ grill!!

(Not to mention a lot of my sweat & some of my blood!)
I also brought back to life the little trailer that I've had sitting in the barn for the past 15+ years!
It was designed by FORD to be pulled behind the Pinto (so I've been told) and I have, apparently, one of the few that were made by Sears! And it is in amazing condition!

I'm also just blown away by how much stuff that I had packed into Lily! I mean, that was just ridiculous! But it is all neatly (basically) packed into what I now call "Lily's 2-wheeled suitcase"! And I now have ALL my tools with me again, which makes me very happy!

I also mounted LED marker lights on the rack/deck, put a complete new set of LED lights on the trailer, installed driving lights & fog lights (real AMBER fog lights)! Also mounted on rack & trailer the "slow moving vehicle" safety triangles. So don't tell me you didn't see me!!  LOL!
So now we're down to 2 days and back on the road we shall go....Myself & Abbie!  We've been parked for long enough! We are headed West, and will probably be out West for the next 12-14 months unless something really important comes up...and I mean REALLY important!!  LMAO!!
So stick with us and see all the places we will see! I will be posting on InstaGram almost daily, and the blog will be done at least 2-3 times each week.  AND I'm still working on getting my act together on my YouTube channel. There will be, hopefully, a lot of video shot & posted this year!
So come join us on the back roads!
C'ya out there!!
Frog & Abbie
🐸        🐢