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Sunday, March 30, 2014

1 Pick, 5 Drop Run :-D

.....this all transpired this past week....little late in posting.  :-)

Here I sit in unpeaceful bliss!  Got to first drop in Bourbon, MO @ is 0900 and still waiting to get unloaded. Safety is good until it starts costing unreasonable time frames. I was loaded by forklift...these guys are "looking" for load lift straps?  WHY?  I'll add a pic of the load later.

Now I know why the straps....drove out to a site where they are putting in new service, underground service, and they have to use a bucket truck boom to unload me.  Patience, Frog, patience!!  LOL  Took about 2 hours to get this drop off. That's the way it goes!

Once I was in, I asked when the last rain way....on a gravel roadway, narrow, one wide spot, and I was making ruts in the road that their bucket trucks were running over and not making any ruts!  I knew this would be fun!  I had them move 3 of their vehicles and it was still TIGHT!!  I thought it looked soft, it was acting soft....but I had no idea until I started getting turned can tell from the picture that it was real soft off the fact....I brought a fair amount of that field with me out onto the highway!  LOL  :-D

I got to my 2nd drop in Centralia, IL about 12:45pm. It was easy, just park on/in the street and get unloaded at a electrical supply business.  :-) 

Now my next drop is in Decatur, IL at what sounds on the phone like a BIG electric/gas company....the automated phone menu just goes on and on!!!  But they receive from 0700 to 2:30pm....I couldn't get there until 3:30pm at the earliest....soooo...I am in Vandalia, IL at the Wally here (it likes trucks!!! :-)  They have parking spots painted on the outside end of the lot for trucks). I will wander around for a bit, see if there are any DVD's that I don't have (probably not) and then come back out and relax. I'm 84 miles from Decatur, so will probably just wait until in the morning or late tonight before I head that way.

By the time I get dropped in Decatur I'll have 2 drops and less than 250 miles to make on this run and then I told Vanessa to find me a run to Atlanta/B'ham/Chattanooga/Huntsville etc so I could run thru Gadsden for a day. 

Update....I went ahead and had repairs done at the Petro shop in Gadsden.  So when I come out Monday morning I'll be ready to roll for a few weeks.

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