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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Winter is here?? Could Be!! LOL!

Well, the coldest in the past 8 months was here about a week ago and the past several nights and days have been pleasantly cool.  The low here at Bertha last night was 38*,  hi for today is supposed to be about 56*. Still better than Stanley..they have already seen -6* and snow on the ground. I do believe that this is why I tell folks that I'm a "modified snowbird"!!  LOL!  I've seen enough snow in my years to do me for the rest of my life! So I'll just go south to see the kids and grandkids for the winters and then go back to Idaho to do the camphost thing for the summers.  :-)

Slowly getting a few things done on Bertha. Not sure just how much will get done by next spring, but she will be in much better shape for the run north when we head out in April '17.  Right now just trying to get into the habit of getting things done each day!  Like keeping the house cleaned up!!  LOL!  And doing some rearranging. Will probably start doing some painting in Bertha this coming week. Hoping that I have finally gotten all the leaks stopped. I guess I'll know for sure this coming weekend, supposed to rain some on Sunday.  Also have to start pricing out the parts to rebuild the frontend on Bertha. That will be a job and a half...but have to get that done before I head out north. And probably will have to replace shocks and possibly beef up the springs on the rear of Bertha.

Sidekick is doing great. Getting about 25mpg in town delivering. On the run to AL averaged about 30-31mpg on the highway. Couldn't ask for better!!  And she is still a joy to have...I enjoy every day with Sidekick.  And haven't seen another one on the roads around here since I got I guess she is almost a novelty!  :-)  And since I wrote the beginning of this, on the way to work yesterday I pulled up behind a twin to Sidekick! Same color, JX model, original spare tire cover....a twin....all the way down to having a towbar mounted on the front!  LOL!  First one I've seen....and it had Oregon tags on it!  LOL

Speaking of rain, this area has had 58.78 inches so far this year...that is about 25.5 inches over the annual amount or rain.  And we still have December to get thru and they say it is usually one of the wettest months of the there is no telling just how much the total will end up being for the year.  I can assure you of one thing, whenever it rains now about 90% of the water runs off, headed for waterways or lakes, because the soil here is totally saturated. And the lakes are very close to being beyond full!  But after all these past years of drought, it is actually a pretty pleasant "issue" to have!  :-)

For those of you that are following my blog, especially my campers, I have "re-activated" my Facebook page, and I have created a "Sunny Gulch Campground" page also.  I also started a page called "America, You Need To See It" page. So if you have a chance, check them out.

Time to finish getting ready for the day...have to dump tanks on Bertha today, Abbie needs a spa day, need to get propane and a some more "sealant" to try adding to the roof...have slowed down all leaks, but still have a couple that still have to be "plugged"!  There are times that I consider possibly getting a "newer" rv...but Bertha is what I was looking for, and once I get it all done, there is no way I could buy one setup the way that I would want one, so the "restoration" goes forward!  Not to mention some updating of the insides of her!  :-)

Have a great day and I'm trying to get more consistent with the updates!  :-) 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Some things never change!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Not my normal post.....

Folks,  this is not what I normally post about,  & i usually stand clear of these types of subjects.....but i truly feel that everyone needs to take the 7-9 minutes to read this article.

I don't really care what your politics are,  but this surpasses politics....this his at the basic base of our culture & our overall daily living....both in the near term & the future for our kids & grandkids!

Take the time.....and think about it.....

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain!!

Things are going well here in Texas! I've been totally amazed at the weekly income that I've been able to attain doing food delivery! It is crazy to me! The neat thing is that we deliver from any food/deli operation! I've done Taco Bell, Wendy's, Olive Garden, Pei Wei, Burger Street, Best Thai, sushi, Indian, Wing Stop, Phil's Philly Grill, Little Greek Grill....And I have been to 5 Star places and hotdog joints!!  It is cool!  And I have found some really neat little hole in the wall places that I will be going back to try personally!!

We had rain and storms last weekend, a few days of dry & sun, and now we are bracing for another night of storms! And the humidity here is unreal right now for this area! Cool...but muggy!

It's time to get ready for another night of delivery!  So this little short update is done!!  C'ya!!  B-)