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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Odessa, TX - Still out West :)

I'm still out West, contributing to the "Fracking Controversy"...and loving every minute of it (mostly...LOL).  I am driving a semi-truck pulling a pneumatic trailer that allows me to blow the sand into either a storage container (called a chief) or into a silo.  The locations for these wells is really out in the boonies....
From the time we leave the pavement to the wellhead can at times be close to 20 miles.  And I have driven thru creek beds that were smoother than the "lease roads" the we traverse.  Basically, they say "start at point A, make a road to point B" and out come the road graders and dozers and they make a road.....that most of the time you can really fly on....why, you can get up to 11mph if you're lucky!!!

One thing for sure, this is the place to see some really gorgeous sunsets...

and sunrises....

Now, there is the issue of the roads and having to travel down them....they are just plain a pain in the butt - literally!!!  In fact, some of them you run in and back out with other trucks just in case you have an issue.  The hill in the next couple of pictures  was on a road that the wellhead was 19 miles off the pavement.  :)   

The hill above 9 miles off the pavement, and it took me 3 tries to get up this one...

But this is where I like to be and I enjoy what I'm doing, so I will just keep on doing it for a while!  :)

The scenery out here is breath taking at times, you can see the weather changing as it is coming towards you!

Tonight I'm just chilling, getting caught up with my blog, checking email (first time in a week), cleaning my "room" some. Today I did my laundry, so have all clean clothes again!!  :)  Tomorrow will be PM (preventive maintenance) on the truck, putting my driving lights and fog lights on, and making a list of what needs to be done on the truck and trailer while I'm off and in AL the first of March.  Then tomorrow night, football, the All Pro game!! Next weekend....SuperBowl Commercials!! Let's hope that they are better than last year's!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Waiting On Truck :)

Just sitting here, all packed up & ready to go! But the shop is trying to finish up getting my windows all working on my truck. Hopefully I'll be rolling this evening.

It has been steady raining for the past 36 hours, in a break in the rain right now. But by the looks of the radar we have several more hours of rain coming soon.

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