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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Closing in on "On The Road Again"!

 It is getting closer to being on the road again time! And it is down to the last minute items of being ready to roll by 2/20/2022.

This past week I had Lily "lettered" with my URL so that folks can hopefully find my site while I'm running down the back-roads. 




I am hoping that it works like I think it will! The lettering on the front of Lily is a mirror image so that went folks look in their mirrors they will be able to read the url.




And the back of Lily is just regular so that as they come up on us it will be rather obvious that we are not your usual camper headed down the highway! 😀

And I should know the answer in the next couple of months! I'm quite happy that over the past +/- decade the website/blog has had close to 35K hits! Thanks to all that have taken time to take a look at what we do and hopefully where we have been!

And by the 20th of this month we will be back on the road again! Headed West for a few months, then working our way back to West Virginia for the heat of the summer and into early fall!

 So keep checking back with us and travel along some of the back-roads of this USA and maybe take time to stop and take in a little of the history and the people that our fast paced society/life has been passing up for the past few decades!

I also want to let you know that you can contact us from the homepage of the site. You can sign on and follow us, which will send you an email of the newest post when it is made. Or you can also ask to be put on the mailing list I have started for the monthly newsletter that I am finally putting out! I would love to have you sign up and see more of what we see and some bits of information and ideas that I include with each newsletter.

Hope to see you out here REAL soon!



Frog & Abbie

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