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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


To one & All!!
It is now 0900 & we've been up for over 4 hours!!!  YeeHawww!!!  LOL!
Stockings are emptied!
Presents are opened!

And I'm on my 4th cup of coffee!! I'm almost totally awake!! So now it is time to settle in for a "quiet" day????

I think NOT!! 

Especially when the kids have gotten a amplified mic AND a Karaoke machine!! 

I hope you all have had a grand & glorious Christmas morning!

We will be back on the road in a few stick around for the New Year!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas & New Years Are Getting Closer

It has been a busy few weeks. I'm still in Texas...and for the past week or so I've been doing toy pick up's for the Toys for Tots group in the DFW metro area. It has been a blast seeing how so many people give to the cause. The only drawback to this has been having to drive in the Metro!!  LOL! Crazy people everywhere!!  Kind of like "run, skip & jump"!!

In a couple of days I'll be headed down to see the Folks for a couple of days, and then off to Alabama for the Christmas/New Year time span.  I'll beheaded back to Texas right after the first of the year. Then it is time to work on Europa to get her ready for my 2019 run West.


 One of my grand-girls had her birthday party also!!

Pinata, s'mores, cupcakes, jump house & a "camp fire"!

Was a fun day....loud...but fun!

 That about covers all the excitement here for now!!!  Heheheheh!

Stay tuned for more to come real soon!  The first part of March (hopefully the first week of March) I'll be starting my 2019 Westward travels...I should be covering about 6,000 miles from March to October, 2019.

So for now....

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

Frog, Abbie & Snickers!! 


Friday, November 9, 2018

'Tis The Season!!

'Tis The Season to be Merry!!
I got a "jump" on the season yesterday!  I've gotten my decorations out and up and "I are ready for the Merry season"!
 Not fancy, not world shaking, no musical sync of the lights....
 But I am the first on the block here!!  LOL!
 I just decided that I would go ahead and get it all up, because I was in the mood, and was listening to Christmas music on Sirius....and I had gotten all the g'kids presents wrapped!!!  I have NEVER had it all done this early in the season! So topped it off with getting all my decorations up and going! 

So let "us" be the first to wish you & yours.....




Frog, Abbie & Snickers

 We hope to c'ya out here soon!!!


Friday, November 2, 2018

Take a moment.....

     I have started my “retirement” & travels to be able to share what this great land has to offer to all of us if we will just slow down and look for it! But I have not found a better way to describe what it is like than the below description of the “back roads” of Australia once you leave the bustling cities…it is like stepping back in time!! I thank Bill Bryson for this very vivid & accurate description of what can still be found in the U.S. if we will just slow down and “try it on for size” sometimes!

From the book “In A Sunburned Country” by Bill Bryson

     “Partly, too, it was to do with the road. Almost all Australian highways are still just two lanes wide, and what a difference that makes. You’re not cut off from the wider world, as you are on a superhighway, but part of it, intimately connected. All the million details of the landscape are there beside you, up close, not blurred into some distant, tediously epic backdrop. It changes your whole outlook. There’s no point in hurrying when all it’s going to do is put you in the feathery wake of that old chicken truck half a mile ahead. Might as well hold back and enjoy the scenery. So there’s none of that mad, pointless urgency ---gotta pass this guy, gotta keep pushing, gotta make some miles --- that makes any drive on an interstate such an exhausting and unsatisfying business. When you come to a town on such a road it is an event. You don’t fly through at speed, but slow down and glide through, in a stately manner, like a float in a parade, slow enough to nod to pedestrians if you wish and to check out the goods in the windows on Main Street. “Oh, that’s a good price on men’s double-knit shirts,” you observe in a thoughtful tone, or “Those lawn chairs were cheaper in Bathurst,” for, needless to say, you are talking to yourself by now. Sometimes ---quite often, in fact --- you stop for a coffee and a browse around the shops. .......  You lean an arm on the windowsill, lay a finger on the wheel, and cruise. You haven't done this for years. You haven't been on a drive like this since you were a kid. You'd forgotten motoring could be fun. I loved it. “


These pics are from Joshua & myself...but they tell part of the feeling I have and that Bill describes....we all have fallen to the "tyranny of the urgent" in this life we lead....but are we really "living"??

Just something to think about on this Friday as we start a weekend.

How busy are we going to be?????

C'ya out here on the road soon.....I hope!!!


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!


It is that time of season again! For the goblins & ghouls to be out and about for a night! 

I hope you all have a good time! It is not looking good for the Trick or Treator's here in North Central/East Texas for the night. Rain, t'storms...just nasty weather is coming all day and into the night. So there will be a bunch of damp, wet, cold ghouls out!
But the herd here had a good time yesterday at the pumpkin patch! And it was Jude's first pumpkin patch! 

Then of course it was time to "clean out & dress up" the pumpkins for the night!

Eagle RV Resort

At Eagle RV Resort for the night. Have dumped, in site 177, power hooked up for fridge, batts holding close to 12.85v as of now, cloudy, rain coming Wed thru Thurs. The "resort" reminds me of "Starlite Starbrite" from "Last Starfighter"! Just newer units! πŸ‘πŸΈπŸš☕⛺

But it is quiet, peaceful, little to no traffic! About 8 miles off of 820 in Ft Worth. & with my PassPort America membership, $22.50/night. It's on top of a hill so there seems to be a constant breeze.  So for being able to dump & relax...worth the price, even if I'm a bit tight on funds! πŸ‘πŸΈπŸš☕⛺

I'll head back to town around lunch tomorrow. I'm considering adding water to black water tank & dumping again after driving around for a few minutes. I'll have to think about that one! LOL!
(Update 10/31....It is trying to rain, and I've been on well water for long enough that I need to top off with "city water" to freshen the holding tanks. I don't like adding bleach any more than I have to to my holding tanks)

So folks...get out of the house & city & come out to where you can hear your thoughts! It really can give you a different outlook on life!

C'ya out here soon, I hope!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A good visit!

It has been a good visit here in Alabama! The weather has been just great! Temps have been moderate & breezy...perfect weather for a visit! We drove over in the rain...and it looks like we will be driving back in the rain!!

One of the good things about seems to not make any drastic changes over time! And the changes it does make seem to be for the community! But it is nice to come back and see so much of it the way it is remembered!

 One more day & back to TX! Europa awaits patiently for her modifications & "upgrades" & remodeling projects! And I'll be back sometime in Dec for Xmas & New Years.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

NRH for a few weeks!

All set-up and ready for COOL weather!! Gorgeous sunny days here in North Central Texas! Of course, my umbrella is up so that it could dry out from the previous couple of days of rain!  LOL! But I'm here & set-up for maintenance on Sidekick & Europa!
But...Hurricane Sergio from the Pacific is letting us know that we have not escaped the storms!  It started at about 0845 this morning and has not stopped! When I took the pic of the rain gauge you can see how much we had gotten by 1225...that was 37 minutes is now up to 2.20 inches! We've hit a calm spot in the weather for now. But the weather man is calling for rain on & off thru tomorrow night! And we are in the band that has the potential of receiving 2"-4"....and from the looks of it, we might even get close to 5" is it keep coming in waves like it has today!

Now the crazy part...Hi today is supposed to be 68f....Hi tomorrow is supposed to be low 80's. Then Monday thru Wednesday the high is supposed to be upper 40's to mid 50's!  Welcome to Texas fall & winter!  🐸

 I'll be in Alabama next week for a few days and then back to TX to try to get all the maintenance done on Europa & Sidekick that I'm wanting to accomplish before November travel is upon me!

 But I must say, I got away from Diamond Rock & Alpine just in the nick of time...
Above is my campsite at Diamond just a week after I had left!
 (Thanks to Meleesa for these two shots)
And this is on "top" on the way into Alpine, one of the mountain meadows!! I say that I "don't do" triple digit temperatures any longer...I also don't do that "white lumpy stuff" either!!  

Keep in touch...I'll be back on the road before too long and finding places that you need to see!

And now for a "shameless plug"...I finally got my little book published on Amazon, check it out....

And I'm starting work on "travel pamphlets" that will take you to spots that I have found that are easy on the budget & in the woods or on the back roads & have some neat history about them!

Drive Safe & Hope To See You Out Here!!


Friday, October 5, 2018

Corpus Christi, Tx

Well, I enjoyed the drive along the beach! And I do love the sound of the waves, watching the gulls & pelicans, the air is just fresh smelling!

Now if I could just get used to the humidity & mosquitoes it would be fabulous!

Had lunch with the kids & some of Greg's fairly at "Mikal's Bay" grill right on the beach. Food was pretty good, being in the shade in a concrete based beach structure, the breeze made it very enjoyable for lunch.
 Kind of a cool place...just a bit on the loud side...& it wasn't busy!  LOL!

 But the day was full & interesting. Saw the dealership they work at now..nice shop. Pretty big store. Right on one of the main highways thru Galveston on the way tor Padre Island.

So just running around the country side looking for cool weather & temps....and not having any luck! So I'll keep looking for a while!  🐸

Hope to c'ya out here on the road!


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Jude Ray Keith Long

Just wanted to welcome my newest grandchild, Jude Ray Keith Long, 9lbs3oz, 21"


I've been trying to get rolling for the past hour & every time I sit down in the driver's starts again! LOL!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Still in Roswell!

🐸  Still in Roswell, NM....much to my surprise!  I started to get my pre-trip done this morning...and...the dipstick was missing!!  I forgot to make sure that I replaced it when I did my pre-trip yesterday morning! Soooo...thankfully there is an O'Reilly's right next to where I parked here at the Sam's. The new dipstick will be here at 0730 in the morning.
 And life is back to normal...I have my Sumo wresting tournaments to watch again! Which I had missed for the past 5 months! is good!!  Heheheheh
I also noticed yesterday that the positive post on the Sidekick's battery is seeping. Walked over to WallyWorld today & since it is under a year old & still in the 1 year warranty they will just replace it. This is a defect in the manufacture, so it will not cost!! Thank goodness!

So I have come to the decision that over the next months/years you will be seeing and hearing about a lot of different places. The reason?  When I sit in one spot for more than 4-6 weeks it really messes with my system and daily routine. So I will be on the move a lot more!

Which means you will be able to see pics and videos from a lot more areas and places to visit! Which also makes me happy! 

There were some really strong thunderstorms that passed thru here last night. In fact, there were even some flash flood warnings put out late last night. The parking lot here looked like a stream and a small lake for a little while also last night.

Shots from Tuweep Overlook again at the Grand Canyon. If there is any way that you can get there, do it!

 Everywhere I go, there is the beauty of the majesty of Nature!

"Look Martha....there's another one of those human critters trying to be "natural"! Think he'll make it??"  I'm trying!!! 🐸 

Tomorrow, after the new dipstick and new battery are taken care of I will be headed back out on the road for North Richland Hills. More pics coming soon!!

C'ya out here real soon, I hope!!  

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

My "new" Phone Is Working!

Well... It's working after about 4 hours of trying!  But it's working! And not do I have a lot of learning to do! This is the newest phone I've had in several years, still a couple of versions behind on Android, but still ahead of me! I'm not in a Kyocera DuoForce mil-speced phone. And I love it! These phones seem to be able to withstand me for quite a long period of time.

Hopefully this is going to lead to more updated on here, more info about places to go & ideas on living the "Mobile Tiny Home Lifestyle"!

C'ya soon!  🐸🚐☕🏕🏔

On The Road Again!


I'm back on the road again! And I must admit...I do truly miss it when I'm not on the road traveling across this land! And I do miss it when I'm not out here on the road!  

We (Myself, Abbie & Snickers)  spent the night at a "picnic table pull-off"  last night, on the side of the road, and slept like bricks!  So many years on the road, sleeping in truckstops, rest areas & the such...the sounds that bother so many people are just the sounds that help me sleep! 

I'm going to be stopping in Roswell, NM in a few hours to get a sim card to be able to get my "new to me" Kyocera DuoForce phone up and operational! I was able to find one for a killer price on Amazon, just didn't have a sim in it. But they are free (all the companies want your business..LOL! ), so when I found this one for basically 66% less than any of the others I found, it was time for a phone that could handle what I needed it to handle!

I'm also having to get used to the time zone change.  It's already mid-morning and I'm just now on my second cup of coffee! So it is time to do my morning "pre-trip" and get ready to roll for the day. Should be in the panhandle of Texas by tonight!
The Moon was just absolutely beautiful last night!

Monday, September 10, 2018

10 Days To Go!!!

Counting down the days to "On The Road Again"!! And can't wait! But at the same time I am not looking forward to the warm climate of the Southern U.S.  πŸΈπŸšπŸŒ„

It has been a good summer here, and soooo much cooler than down south! So at least part of the summers I will be here in the Mtns of AZ.

So my next update will probably from on the road. Maybe not! LOL!  I'll be moving up to the showers next Sunday for 4 days before I hit the road, that will be for final preparations & purge of items no longer needed!

So be sure to stay tuned, stay safe, & stay cool!!

C'ya - Frog πŸΈπŸšπŸŒ„

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Labor Day Over! 15 days to go!

Labor Day weekend has come & gone! So peace reigns in the gorge once more! But we are also are getting a bunch of rain. It is still needed tho!

We were about as full as the gorge could get, only 4-5 empty sites in the whole gorge. Right now there are about 8 campers in the whole gorge.

I'm still throwing stuff away, and redoing my storage, & relocating things!  I now have curtains to pull across the front for nite privacy when on the road. That will make the nightly stops a lot easier!

I'm still sorting out pics & grouping them into areas, kinds & "trips". So when get back to "civilization" it will be easier to update. And there will be a lot of pics to get up.

So, once again, C'ya soon! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

22 Days to go!

Down to 22 more days here at Diamond Rock CG. It is actually already starting to feel like Fall here! Two mornings ago the lo was 37f!  This morning it was 40f! Just awesome!

The hummingbirds are basically all gone.  😞  It fun while they were here!  Apparently they don't like "cool weather" as much as I do. But I'll catch up with them next Spring again!

 The wildlife has been just great! I have quite a few more "critter pics", just have find them and organize them...then share them with you!

Be sure to keep checking back, if all goes well I hope to have my website up & running in the next few months. 

And...if you have time, take a look at my book available on Amazon.... 

Have a great Labor Day!

C'ya!  Frog  🐸🐸🚐🚐