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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time Off!! :) 20th Anv of 39th Birthday!! is time to take a couple of days off....since I have not actually taken any time off since starting with Triple C on 4/9/13.  Loading out of Duke, OK this morning and taking a load of drywall to Ft Worth area...and then....taking a week off!

I have pics to post from the past couple of weeks and need to take time to get this thing caught up and will be doing that over the next week or so. I'm still working out how to use my Drop Box account and get my pics onto this blog!  I'm just a little slow on the uptake when it comes to this "social"  And don't give me a hard time Josh!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

El Paso Bound

Started a run yesterday afternoon, a load of PODS, headed for El Paso, TX,  Loaded up 2 in Hayward, CA, then headed for San Jose, CA.  Traffic kept me from getting the 3rd POD on last night, so camped out on a ramp about 1.3 miles from the load point and ran in and loaded it up this morning.  I am now headed out of CA, and hopefully will make it out of state by dark.  Will probably get into El Paso Thursday evening, unload Friday morning, go get my inspection current on the truck then hopefully catch a load out of El Paso Friday afternoon.  If not, will have another weekend off.  :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

One of the Better TAs,-120.739218

Back in CA :)

Have made a run back to CA...I spemd quite a bit of time out here on the left coast!  Brought out a load of concrete railroad ties. They are extending one of the 'trolley' lines going south out of Sacramento. Mine was one of the last loads of about 6,000 of them! Pretty good pile of ties!

Currently I'm at the TA in Livingston, CA. It is an older TA, but has been well kept up...the parking lot is excellent and I'm in a good spot- in front of the fuel line and not too far from the entrance to the bldg.  I ran for 9 days and am pulling another 34 reset. Today will consist of shower, wash clothes, clean my room, try to get tv antenna working better and just lazing around!

The drive out was on I-70 & I-80....came into CA over Donner Pass thru Lake Tahoe area...really pretty drive.  :)  And came thru Vail, CO on this run.

In The Oilfields Again! LOL

I'm at my drop, so will take a nap before calling my contact in the morning to see where I need to unload.

There were storms around me all afternoon and evening on the drive down. And it is trying to rain here now. It has been several years since I saw the desert green this time of summer! There has been enough rain this year that it is actually green just about everywhere you look! It is strange!

Took a couple of panoramic shots of the sky....and I caught a lightening bolt in a shot!