Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back in Colorado

I'm back in Colorado again. Made a run from Kingman, AZ up Delta, CO. Dropped 3 pieces of pipe at the CDOT yard there.

 Then ran on up to Grand Junction, CO to drop 3 more pieces of pipe and 2 pallets of joints and connectors. 

Got it all off this afternoon and right now I'm sitting next to the Home Depot in Grand Junction using the wifi from Target across the road.  :-) 

It was a nice light load....it didn't break 10,000 pounds. So that made for a nice economical run....except for the roads in AZ and UT and part of CO....they were so rough that I ran about 55 mph for about 1/2 of the run.

 Erin has found me a run out of CO for tomorrow, should have the dispatch sometime fairly early in the morning. As far as I know right now, I'm heading for Lawton, OK from somewhere out here on the west side of CO.

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