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Saturday, March 21, 2015

In Round Rock for most of weekend

Bertha and I and the children (Abbie and Snickers....LOL) arrived in Round Rock at the folks Wednesday evening....amongst the beginnings of the rains!! And it has been raining here for the past 49 hours almost continuously.  And the temps have been running between 52 to 64 degrees! Just a little slice of heaven!!!

The folks are doing well. They have settled in pretty well. For the most part!

I worked out in the parking lot on Thursday and Friday....and actually got a "workbench" for Dad built. Not fancy, but it ended up pretty sturdy and solid...has enough room for what he wants to do...even has an edging so he doesn't have to worry too much about chasing tools to the floor on the back side of it....and it will still be able to have some more things added to it.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

The critters and I will be headed out for NRH in the morning...hopefully we will be there by tomorrow afternoon/evening....a 3 hour trip down here in a "normal" vehicle equates out to about a 7 hour excursion in Bertha!!

The trip up was quite quiet...had no issues with cooling (when you sit and idle, that big block seems to build up enough heat to make a slight leak out the overflow tube) ... but there was no overheating issues on the run up. She does seem to have a small leak somewhere on the gas half a tank at a time is all I put in until I figure out where the leak is exactly.

Generator has done fine. With the power consumption needs that I have changed in the past 7 months, a good hard charge on the aux batt lasts about  13-16 hours...I don't thing that is too bad for one battery. 

About time to go check on Abbie and Snickers. And it isn't raining too hard right now, so a good time to take Abbie out for a break!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bertha's Charging Again!!!

Just got done with the RV repair guys...and the house is charging again. It took him about 2 hours to figure out what had been changed with the wiring! Not really the house wires, but the factory wiring under the hood.  I'm not even sure just what all he had to change, it wasn't but one or two wires....but it made the difference and he got her charging both the vehicle and the aux battery. So we can now head down the road in the morning.

Headed for Round Rock first for a few days, then headed for North Richland Hills for a little bit of rest and work on the house.  

From there I currently have no idea where I will be heading....time will tell!!  :-)

Getting Out of San Antonio??

I'm still sitting here working on getting out of San Antonio! And I do actually hope that I will be rolling out of here in the morning (Thursday 3/18/2015)! I spent the entire day yesterday replacing the alternator on Bertha....and to no avail!! She is still not charging and I have accepted the fact that I am not going to be able to fix her, so I'm sitting here waiting for two gentlemen that do RV repairs to get here about 10am. They work totally mobile and out of their vehicles, so I'm anxious to see how this works out!'

I have actually enjoyed being parked over here behind the security building for Christus Santa Rosa Hospital. It is on the top of a hill and there is always a breeze and pleasant and quiet and clean (very clean compared with the dirt/dust/mud of the site)! It is almost a totally pleasant respite!!

I've now had a week off from the job, and it has been very restful! I am actually sleeping at night for a while, and have been sleeping all night! 

When I finally get away from here I'm headed to the folks for a few days, building a work bench for dad. And just taking time to visit and relax. Then headed up to Tiffany and Cary's for a week or so. 

While at the kids place I am going to try to pull the sofa out of the house and turn it into a day bed situation, which will also seal of the outside access to the inside of Bertha. Plan on just getting a foam mattress for it with some throw pillows. Will increase my sleeping area by about 15-20%. That will be nice! Also working on the storage areas and will be putting up at least 3 sets of curtains. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mobile Mentality Again!!

Well, Bertha has moved for the first time in 2+ months....and she didn't fall apart!  But I had forgotten just how cold natured Mopar products were. 70 degrees outside and you would think it was below freezing!!  LOL  But, nothing fell (even if I did run over a few pots of monkey grass that I didn't see!!) and with a little power steering leak I had forgotten about, now to see just how well she does in the engine cooling area! 

 After sitting here for so long it feels like starting all over again with her!
I'm about to eat a little something, then take a nice hot shower, then take the car over across the street first, then move Bertha.  So bedtime tonight will be late, but it is on the top of a hill (even if I will be behind a building) so should have a fair breeze.

More to come later....probably tomorrow. I will be tackling the alternator in the morning to see if I can get her charging like she's supposed to be!