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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dinner in Belen!

Have had a pleasant evening with Allene and Elaine.  Ate Chinese and it was really good.  Met my protein quota for the month, probably,  but was really good! Came over to the house, going to watch a movie or 2 then I'm crashing in the truck.  She has to play tomorrow,  I always forget that, so I'll be in Carlsbad sometime tomorrow evening.  :)

Not sure what these flowers are but I like them. And Allene has always like the natural look for the yard!  ;)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Carlsbad here we come!

Got unloaded yesterday afternoon around 2pm,and neat the Folsom HS football field. They are re-working the field and track, and the base is this chipped/ground up tire rubber.  They were "sewing" on the turf when I got there. The field is going to be blue with red end zones. Oh, for the days of grass,  dirt and mud!!  Then had lunch and waited for an hour or so for Erin to find a load.  She came up with one from Stockton, Ca to Carlsbad, NM.  Was a tight run but made it to the loadout factory before 5pm their time!  And what a load!  Have 6-7 10" pipes 50' long, a bundle about 35' long and a small pallet of parts.....totalling about 6,000 pounds!  Gotta love it!  1,300 miles and don't have to be there until Monday morning!   Slow peaceful run. Made it to just south of Fresno last nite and called it quits for the day. Pulled off for a WallyWorld and found an old truckstop here that has been torn down, but the parking lot still had a good nite's sleep.  And where I loaded out from I saw in real life what I have only seen pics of....a Chevy Corvair Lakewood station Wagon!   And it is all there, would love to be able to restore one like it!  Just got off phone with Allene, going to take her & Elaine out for dinner tomorrow evening when she is done with students 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

SLC (Salt Lake City)....Once Again!! :)

Well, back in SLC again!  I actually like this area...except when the winds kick up. Just brought in a load of watermelons to Layton, UT, about 18 miles north of SLC....currently at the TA truckstop in Toole, shower and clothes wash time....then in the morning have  to find the ThermoKing here to get my APU serviced and try to get it running better.  I'm working on figuring out how to get my pics from my DropBox folder onto here...I do believe I might be getting it figured out. I drove about 100 miles up Hwy 101 on the coast of CA day before was nice....ONCE I GOT AWAY FROM THE CITY!!!  Beautiful drive. This guy in his little old, trying to restore MG was about to get his butt run over....he was trying to get to the exit as I got the shot!  LOL
I will be putting on more pics and getting caught up on the past week of so later tonight. I have set up an  account for the wifi at the TA and Petro makes my MiFi stretch more and is usually a pretty good connection.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

In Deming

Just dropped into Deming to say hi tothe gals at the travel center.  Caught a quick lunch, and now headed on for Santa Maria, CA.  Spent the day driving in rain/thunder storms all day average speed for the day was 49.7 mph...that makes for a long day and trip.  I'll get a couple of pics up later tonight. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bertha Bath!

Almost forgot, stopped and got Bertha a bath last night. Bug guts galore!!


Got to my drop about 10:30 last night. And slept very well!!  Gentleman here was afraid I would be upset b/c he had unloaded 2 others ahead of me....I got to sleep, so I had no problem with it!  :)  So now here I sit, waiting to see if Erin can find something for me. Trying to get thru Gadsden or a couple of days this weekend.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Headed for MS

Well, headed for MS with 5 coils of galvanized steel on board.  And hopefully I won't be hauling them again....they are rough on the tarps. I'll be there sometime tomorrow night.

I stopped at Buford, WY today....Don, the old owner, is back! The Trading Post will be open next week again. Can't wait to get back by & say hi. Have really missed having it open to stop at.

I'm in NE, not sure where I'm stopping for the night. I'll post this then.  :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Morning Stroll

Just had to show you a family that came out for their morning walk!  They had been in the bushes right in front of the truck. They had stayed in there hidden while I had Abbie out running all around them without making a peep!  Very cute!

Early Morning Idaho :)

I forget that I'm an hour ahead of here!  So I am early at Thermoking to get my APU serviced. Time for another cup of coffee!..

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Rolling Apartment Basically Done! :)

Well, I have finally gotten my rolling apartment basically done!!  It  is still just a tad messy, have a few things that I need to get out of here, BUT, I am settled in for the long haul!!

This is the my Living Room/Dining area/Kitchen/Office!    Takes me about 30 seconds to drop the table down, move cushions, get bed linens from overhead bunk and have my bed set up for the night. In the mornings, takes about 1 minute to hide my bedroom and have this back up  and functioning!  :) The little Styrofoam ice chest will be strapped on my catwalk, I use it when I have to defrost my fridge.

Below is my closet and part of my pantry. My toaster oven is buried right now, but will in the open fairly soon!

Below is my passenger you can tell, no passengers!!  This is my "storage area".  The storage boxes are my "office desk drawer" on the bottom and the top is for socks and other useful items of clothing!!  ;)  I keep my water in the floor and my gallons are stored on the other side of the seat by the door. Keep 2 cases in the floor and 3-5 gallons by the door. Believe it or not, I go thru the 2 cases and 3-4 gallons each week.  :)

 This is the kitchen. Microwave works like a champ, and the two drawers are my pantry and utensils storage. Overhead is more pantry, mostly food stuff.

My little fridge does a good job and has improved my eating habits by leaps and bounds!!

And below is my office!!  Complete with stereo, CB, satellite radio, phone, GPS's and the ever present coffee mug and ashtray!

And almost forgot, you can see the curtain running around the front of the cab...this closes me in, so the whole cabin is home at night. And the driver seat swivels, so quite often I turn it around and use it as an easy chair for TV and relaxing.

So you have now had a tour of my rolling Office/Japanese Mobile Apartment!!  And it is big enough that when Abbie gets cabin fever during the day she can run laps around in here.  This is where I spend my days and nights....and love it!!  :D  

Weekly Wally Run :/

I really do wish that there was someplace I could get my weekly food stuffs as cheaply as I do at Wally - but alas, I'm stuck with this blasted place. Barely can get in and this one (Boise, ID) has up signs of "No Overnight Parking" for trucks AND RV's!  They are idiots!

Anyway ' got my weekly fixof salad, avocados. and Water. So much for my Ozarka water  -  Ozarka, Arrowhead, Ice Mountain,etc..........they are ALL owned by Nistle Waters!! I give up!

Time to put stuff up. Have a Great Day!   :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Have a Happy 4th!!!

Hi gang,I'm headed for OR with a load of onions.  I'll be in Boise, ID for the weekend...think I just might be able to get my room clean/finished, the truck serviced and just maybe have time for 1 or 6 movies!!  I will also be figuring out how to get a bunch of pics uploaded for you.   Going to try to figure out how to setup DropBox with a couple of albums that you can log into and see them.  I have a ton of them to get uploaded.  I'm in Cortez, CO taking a meal break right now in one of the casino parking, fast WiFi!  But have to drive on and be in OR in the morning to deliver.  Have a great day and don't eat/drink too much!!!  :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NM again lol

Dropped in Albuquerque this morning,  loading out of Deming tomorrow.  Onions for Ohio!  I looked over the little motorhome last nite and am getting it.  Mechanically it is good, aesthetically it needs a little love.  But overall it is in high side fair to low side good condition.  I'll be making another post tonight making an"report" on it and get pics up for you to see. Rest Area break!  More to come.....