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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Weekend at Gadsden :-)

It has been a pleasant weekend at Tabitha and Jason's house.  I have not had a chance to visit since Christmas. And man are the kids growing!  And boy am I getting old!  LOL  But that is the way of life and we just carry on.

Friday was basically spent at the Petro shop here getting Bertha worked on. She is now, I believe, in top condition and I will be rolling out of here sometime Monday morning and will be out on the road for the next several weeks.  So there is no telling wehre I will be come Monday night!!  LOL

I spent the day today (Saturday) running around with the boys.  We ran down to Trussville to go to the Sprint Store.....which is no longer there!  A great drive down to spend time visiting with the boys.  :-)   We took the long way back up Hwy 11 and the boys got to see Sleepy Hollow Road and the backwoods of Attalla.  In fact, there is an area of the woods there on the southern end that is "swamped" out and you can see the beaver lodge that is the result of the daming of the creek.  It was really pretty.

Then lunch at Zaxby' first trip to Zaxby's....not bad!!!!  And the fries are fabulous!!!  :-)

Josh and I ran down to Best Buy in Oxford, to take a look at the new Galaxy Note Tablet....and of course they didn't have one there. They had the Tab Pro and my main concern was the new UI in the new models and the new OS.....and I was pleasantly surprised with it. In fact, I was very impressed.  But that will be coming in several months....all things in due time!

Back at Tabitha's for the evening....then I am going to crash in my truck for the night and work on it some tonight and in the morning.  It is supposed to rain here most of the day tomorrow, so I will work in Bertha and get it cleaned up and throw some more stuff out and then do some more rearranging.

Time to eat some sever layer mexican cassarole.....YES!!!

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