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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Las Vegas tonight...from there?????

It has been a very restful time in the glorious city of Kingman, AZ....well, it has been quiet, anyway!!  Found a couple of really great parking areas, and within 5 minutes of driving there is Wally, Home Depot, Staples, PetCo, PetSmart, Big Lots, Sonic, Micky D's, Pizza, Wells Fargo.....LOL, get my drift!  A very good spot!

Just finished a new crockpot of stew...and getting better each time. This "brew" has the consistency of pulled port bbq...and did a little differently in the spicing of it and it has actually come our real well!!


On the way over here yesterday, between Flagstaff and Kingman I drove thru rain, sleet, rain, sunshine, sleet, snow and then the winds started up again! It was an interesting drive. But we got here all in one piece! And last night Abbie finally got to have a spa she doesn't smell like a dust mop anymore!!

And of course, the scenery here is just fabulous! I am a little bit partial to fact, I'm very partial to it. I just feel so much like this is where I will be a lot of the time once I get into my motorhome and stay on the back roads to see just what all I have been missing all these years!

 And, I have been looking for a "stealth bomber" antenna for my television for over a year, and out here I finally found one at the Pilot outside Gallup, NM. I just have to figure out where I am going to mount if on the truck now.  :-)

I am going to head on out to Vegas in a little while and find a spot to hide until in the morning. I delivery around 7-8am their time (9-11am CST), so hopefully I'll be rolling with a load by early afternoon to somewhere. But it has been a good run, except for the wind, again!  The last tank of fuel I averaged 4.38mpg...that is not acceptable!

 And of course, I can't sign off from here without sharing a pic of the sunset from the desert area of northwest New Mexico. I just love the skies out here...they really just can't be beat!!

Good Evening from the Sunny Southwest!!!  :-)

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