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Friday, May 31, 2019

Still in the Metro!!

Hi gang!  We're still in the Metro...and will be for a couple of more weeks!

Just barely started with the maintenance & repairs to Europa. A couple of major things that I had planned to get done I've decided that they are more like "Winter Projects" than beginning of summer projects!!  So doing the repairs that we have to get done to be able to get back out on the road. And these will take a couple of weeks to work thru & work out!!

So hang in there with us...we'll be back on the road soon!

Something else I needed to let you know...I will be moving my blogging to the AYNTSI website soon. Trying to keep up one site is a pretty much full time job for me...keeping up with 2 or 3 is just not working!!

That said, by the time we roll out of the Metro and get back on the road, everything will be on the website!

"Frog's Travels" will be the blog page
"Sites along the Backroads" will be photo & video galleries
AYNTSI Store is just that - books, pamphlets & Photos for sale

 As I have said...I've been away from "technology" for such an extended time that I working with brain cells that have been dormant for a couple of decades almost!! So it's been slow going, but it's getting better each day!!

If you haven't been there yet, check out the website when you get a chance...

That pretty well brings "life" up to date!! I still have an itinerary...NM, AZ, UT, NV, maybe CA...and then heading East to AL for the winter...sometime in the Oct/Nov time-frame!! 

Always have an itinerary...just don't have a REAL schedule!!

Take care and hope to see you out here on the backroads soon!!!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers  

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Island! (Late Post)

(Apparently this never posted from Padre Island!)
All settled in on the beach. About a mile from the end of the pavement of the road coming down to beach. It was fairly busy this weekend...Cinco de Mayo weekend.

I have figured out that my favorite time on the beach is 1900-0800!  If I'm going to be hot, I would really rather be in a dry climate...all this moisture is really tough for me!
 I've had a couple of fires...with the predominate wind coming onshore it makes it so nice not to fill Europa up with smoke!! Also cooked a potato & it came out great! Does take about twice as long as when you throw it into the coals...but it came out sooo good!

Just had to include a pic of one of the "pelican patrols"! This is one of the largest patrols that I've seen!  They are just really cool birds.I think I saw a Caracara this morning, tried to get a pic of it, but it stayed on the inland side of the 2nd sand dune & never got close enough to get a good shot at it. Shot as with a camera!!

In The Metro!

Made it a little over halfway on the first day! Made it to this roadside picnic table spot just after sunset. Actually ran longer than planned because 2 of the spots I was shooting for were shutdown. But it worked out ok. This one was in the middle of pasture land, had good breeze all night, cooled down nicely and was relatively quiet! 
I arrived at the kids place at 1830 last night. I decided to run from Waco to here on I-35 & I-35W. That was almost a mistake! The traffic wasn't any worse than usual. Actually, it was lighter than I expected. But it was HOT! Every time a pack of cars & trucks would catch up with me and pass me it was a lesson in how much air flow is restricted, even at 65-75mph, as vehicles travel down a road! Even at that speed I & Europa would start heating up! 

I think Europa did better than I did! By the time I got here & parked I was completely drained. By the time I got thru the heat, the stress of dealing with the other "drivers" (I use that term loosely), I was exhausted!

I was shocked at how quickly I was able to unhook Sidekick, get Europa backed in and then Sidekick! It was all done & settled in under 20 minutes! I do believe that was a record!!

So I'm off the road for 21-28 days. Today I re-hydrate, relax some, start the unload (also called the purge) of stuff in Sidekick and prepare to get onto Europa's issues. If all goes well she will be road ready in 3 weeks.

So hang in there with us as we make repairs, updates & upgrades to our mobile tiny house!! 

C'ya soon!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Headed North to the Metro Tomorrow

Just a quick update...heading north to the DFW Metro area tomorrow! Have had all the beach fun I can take for now! 

Have to get to the Metro so can do a few major repairs to Europa. Will be fixing the exhaust manifold issue on her. Also installing a new solar controller & adding another 100w solar panel. That will take our on board solar output to 400w. And I'm considering adding another 100w in a couple of months.

Still planning out our travel itinerary for the next few months. Always keep an's the schedule that is seemingly always in flux!

Be sure to check our website every so often. I'm about to add a page for offering "guided" trips. They will be set up for 2-3 RVs and they will be "topical"!  I'll do all the planning - stop-overs, night camps, things to see & do and the cost per person. 

The trips will not be to the spots that are usually inundated each "vacation season", but to see things off the "beaten path" where crowds don't exist! There will be nights in RV parks, nights in campgrounds and nights dispersed camping (that's what I've always called dirt camping - off the grid).

Some of the trips I'm thinking about will be to places passed up by the pace of today. Other trips will be totally arranged around Nature. Some dealing with historical things. Some will be for "beginners" all the way up to the "old hands"! I'm even considering doing, possibly, age groups or family groups.

So, in case you haven't, bookmark the site....
Also, hopefully soon, this old brain of mine will be able to figure out how to put a "subscribe" button on the site! If wanted, you can leave your email in a comment section so as I get my newsletter started I'll be able to make keeping up with AYNTSI.  

So hang in here with us...I hope to see some of you out here on the road soon!!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Off the Beach - Surge!!


It was a good time while it lasted!!  Had a nice spot about a mile from the road end...little cutout in the dunes....high tide mark was probably 25+ feet from my my potatoes in the chiminea....and then.....
 .....I woke up Wednesday morning to the above excitement!


Yup! Overnight a front/storm had moved in over the Gulf, the winds had hit a high speed of 32mph overnight, and when I opened my door that morning I was greeted by the tide swishing past and under Europa!! Not a very secure feeling!!
 So after I got over my initial shock...and moving things out of the way...and surveying the situation....I gave the kids a call and...the cavalry was on the way!!

At least it was a pretty day....sunny, windy, too warm!  LOL!  Didn't take long to get Europa free from the sands. Tera & I dug the rear tires out some & ramped the sand. So when Greg gave a good solid tug Europa fairly well just popped out of the holes. It did take a heavy foot on Europa...but I was proud of her...came right out and we headed for the pavement!!
I'm back in front of Tera & Greg's place in Corpus Christi. But I made it 6 nights on the beach...and I will say it is really pretty from about 1900 each evening to about 0800 each morning!!!  LOL! I'm just not a sun & sand kind of person!

If you are a sun & sand kind of person, Padre Island is your spot, North stay right there on the beach, the only fee is your park entrance fee. Camping is for 14 will love it!!

 The deer come down to the rich grasses on the dunes morning & have several flights daily of the "pelican patrol"!....there are even locals that perch on the facilities for tourists at the Visitor Center!!! And they are quite friendly...even if they also happen to be a bit messy with their hygiene!

But no matter where you go once on the island you will have excellent views....
 expansive views of beautiful skies.....
and unique places to park and enjoy the sand, sun and beach!!
  Just remember....don't do like Frog....

make sure that you keep a close eye on the weather, find a GOOD weather app and when the skies look like the above sky....

Hope to see all of you out here one day soon! I'll be headed north for the DFW area next week. Then about the middle of June I will be headed out to the Western Lands for the summer...and possibly the fall.

Please try to take a minute and visit my website that is actually up and running now..... ...... I think you might enjoy it. And on this blog home page is a button for becoming a "patron" of AYNTSI...I hope you will think about becoming a patron and share what Frog & AYNTSI are all about and offering!

 Take care, travel safe...but Travel!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Friday, May 3, 2019

Settled In

In my spot and all set up. Seems to be a decent spot. High tide does get rather close. But my spot seems to be on pretty solid sand, Europa doesn't hardly make an indention in it.
Last nite was rainy off & on, this morning was filled with severe t'storm watches & warnings. Had winds hitting 25mph and higher. It seems that the avg winds here on the beach are hovering at 13-18mph. And I do mean to say...they are non-ending! And the forecast is for the same for the next several days. So I'll see how well I chose my site...If I have to move, then I guess I'll move!!  LOL!
The other thing I've already noticed is the amount of trash that comes onto the beaches! It is very, very sad, especially when you add the trash that visitors to the beach also leave behind! Other than that, it is quite beautiful. Speaking of beach visitors, they seem to be flowing out from the city for their weekend adventure! You should see the fishing poles...and the 4X4s....and the travel trailers!  There are even 35' toy haulers on the beach now!

I'll be here for a week or two! There could be worse places!!  LOL!  But I do still miss my desert & desert mountains!!
Hope to see you out here soon!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Made It!

Now to find the beach! 🐸 LOL

Headed for Padre Island

Made it to Corpus Christi on Monday. Have had a good visit with the kids.  Now it is time to head to the beach…Padre Island! Let’s hope I like the beach! Haven’t been to one, actually, since the early 70’s! 

I’ll have pictures up later, still figuring out how this is all going to work on the road!!  LOL!  I just updated my website, there’ll be some pics on there in the Gallery soon....just as soon as I figure out how to handle all this on the road!!!  It's a re-learning experience!

C'ya soon!

Ray, Abbie & Snickers