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Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Peaceful Sunday!

This was a very peaceful Sunday....especially since I slept until 12:30pm!  LOL  And I still don't feel all that great! I'm still fighting off whatever it is that I have been fighting for the past week.  Go thru cycles of better and I'll just ride it out!  Of course, the weather/temperature shifts don't help any. Our days and nights are still going thru 20+ degree shifts....not real good for the old sinuses!!

But at least it did stop raining late morning and we actually had a little sunshine this afternoon, but they are calling for a low here in San Antonio of 32* tonight....and the high today was only 50* with a high tomorrow of 63*....that's a 31* shift for the day!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The End of the Year Cometh!!!

Well....the end of the year is getting closer....nothing on but Bowl games and only a couple of them that I can get on tv....can watch a couple of them online, but that can be a hassle.  Oh well....looking forward to next season, already?  LOL  But this is an annual thing that I have gotten used to over the years!!  Heheheh! I've learned how to handle the withdrawals!!

Things here have been pretty doggone quiet. The weather has been all over the board and my sinuses are paying the price! We are having shifts of 30 plus degrees on a daily basis. Last night the temp at 10pm was 6 this morning it was 50....and by 5 tonight is supposed to be 40....yee-hawww!! In the low 70's by Monday, then by next Thursday it will be back in the upper 40's with lows in the 30's and rain!!! Yippeeeee!!!!  The cold front passed thru here about 5:30am this morning and the wind came with it.  Bertha is rocking from side to side now....have a steady 11-15mph wind, with gusts up to 33+. Overcast and drizzly!  Love it!!  :-P

According to Mark (one of the supvrs) here, they are supposed to get rid of the generator Monday, and drop a line to the trailer. And the leasing gals and the other "office" personnel for the apartment complex are supposed to start working out of the Clubhouse and offices there doing showings of apartments and signing leases that are effective as of Jan 15 for about 40 or so apartments. They are going to drop a hard line for power to the trailer, so I will be plugging into the trailer for power. Plus I am going to move Bertha and "parallel park" her next to the curb. It will put me closer to the trlr so I hopefully will not have to buy any more extension cord. And I'm going to get a couple of cones and block out a spot for Mark to park between me and the trlr, and cone out my parking spot in front of Bertha.

Plus, when this months rental contract is up on the car, I am not renewing it. I'll just do a weekend special rental every payday weekend and stock up for the two weeks....and start walking more here and using my little stool!!  :-)  I just noticed day before yesterday that if I wouldn't lace up my shoe on my right foot it doesn't hurt nearly as much to walk, and I need to do more walking so that I can keep the swelling down in my right leg better. And the ankle is doing better, but the bottom of the foot on the heel is still very tender, feels like the heel bone is dropped down to just under the skin. Maybe by this time next year I'll be closer to normal!  LOL

I'm very pleased with the new draws less than a third of the little frig and keeps things very cold set just below the "medium" setting...I love it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas 2014

It is Chritmas Eve in the year 2014!  Which means the New Year of 2015 is right around the corner!  And I wonder what it will have in store for all of us?!?!?  2014 was interesting....but more on that, back to Christmas Eve in San Antonio, Tx.

I would also like to announce the arrival of my 6th grandchild!!!!  Olivia Bozeman arrived on 12/22/2014, coming into this world at 8 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches!  Congrats to Tabitha and Jason!  If my other 3 start having kids I'm just going to have to retire because it will be a fulltime job just trying to travel around to see them all!!

And I had a package arrive from my company on was a 9 pound smoked turkey from Greenburg BBQ in Tyler, TX.   And WOW!!!!, is that a good turkey! It is better than any that I have ever had!!!

It's a half day of work for the crews that are here on site. Most everybody should be gone and it should be quiet here by 2pm. A day and a half of peace and quiet!  But come Friday morning, it will be work as usual.

In the past 3 days I have succeeded in having the old frig removed from Bertha. The guys actually had to take a sawz-all to it to get it out the door.  And that is how we found out that the coolant that was used in the old frig's was amonia!!!!  I can still smell it!!  But it is out and gone in the dumpster.  And YEA for Christmas sales....Lowe's had a 4.5 cu ft Frigidaire was 25% off!  So, you guessed it, Bertha got a new frig for her Christmas present!!

Tomorrow I will be headed to Round Rock for the day to visit with the folks. It should be a nice relaxed day. I'll have pics up tomorrow night or Friday.

If the weekend stays fairly nice I'm going to try to finish the H2O system in Bertha. Friday I'm going to get the connectors and hose to fix the gap in the feed line from the pump. I hope that it will be a quick fix.  Haven't pulled the water heater out yet, so will have to hit it with water to see if it leaks. If it does leak, then it will be a few days before I can get the system up....will have to remove the tank for now and bypass it.  Could be interesting!!

Also have to do a semi-permanent fix to the counter top by the door as you come in.  The corner of it is slowly disappearing....old age, old glued sawdust and just daily traffic is inflicting terminal injury to it. So I have a piece of that birch 1/4 inch plywood left that I think is large enough to get it taken care of.

So that catches me up for the week.  Looking forward to what 2015 brings!

Until later, MERRY CHRISTMAS to All!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Awesome Early Christmas Present!

As of 12/22/2014 I have become a grand-pa for the 6th time!!

Welcoming to this life Olivia Conner Rose Boseman
                                           8 lbs  1 oz,    20 inches

And congrats to Tabitha and Jason!

Pics to follow shortly!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Just a Little Catch up from SA.

I've been working on Bertha again some to try to get the storage figured out. And cleaning up some more....Still have a ways to go!  But each week I throw out a more stuff that I have no idea when the last time I used it was. So I'm actually coming up with more storage room than I currently need.

As you can tell from the picture below, I have "neighbors" that lead a rather colored life!!  The good thing is that the wind seems to always be blowing from my direction towards them!  And they seem to never really smell now since the heat of summer has passed by!!!  Thank Goodness!!!  

I just had to throw in these two short little just never know when you will be having to work late!  The concrete finishers had finished their work for the day/week and needed to get their polishers down from the second floor so that they can go home.  Had to bring James back to the job site so that he could get one of the lifts and help them get down with the machines.

I did my grocery shopping yesterday, and Abbie had a spa day...and I noticed something.....there are almost no Christmas decorations in the stores out here. And I mean no decorations. Apparently most of the stores are not allowing anything that does not "promote the brand"....or might be "misconstrued" that they were favoring one group over another!  So I'm about done with getting out for anything the rest of this week and probably not getting out next week either!

Yesterday was also Spa Day for Abbie...and Ericka just did her up with bows again...and they lasted about 2 minutes once I put her in the dar...she does not like having anything on her head...much less rubberbands in her hair!  LOL

Now for really good news....gas just keeps dropping here!  This is what I paid yesterday when I topped off!  It does make my gas budget go a lot further each week!!

Then yesterday evening I decided to finally try to see how well my little egg cooker would cook scrambled eggs....andthey come out like a souffle!!  And quite good!!!

And it is such a consistency that it "cubes" up just great to make a burrito with it....and it really tasted good!

And to end this installment on a Merry Christmas note.....just look what just now has been delivered to me!!!  From the boss!! And unless I'm not remembering correctly....this is the company that sells out of their turkeys every season, in fact, you have to order well in advance to be able to get one of them!!!  And I now have a 9 lb turkey to debone and bag and hopefully have room to keep it for a few days!!!!!!!


So....Just in case I don't get back on here before the 25th of December......




Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Spirit?

I'm doing my grocery shopping this morning  & i just realized something.....all the talk about the "re-urbanization"of America - and i wonder just where all these folks are living & where is the Christmas Spirit?  Because in the "big city" you see very little of it. Lots of sales, lots of short fuses behind steering wheels.....but not much spirit out here.  Hmmmmm!?!?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Tis the Season.....SO?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

Last night was a quiet night. As they all are basically!  :-)   I had a transient pass through last night...first one since I have been here. He was very polite, very quiet and appears to be very needy. He is carrying an Army type duffle bag, and is fairly well warmly dressed. He walked up to me as I was sitting in the car. He asked me if there might be a portapot on site that he could use. A split second decision and I told him how to get to ours on site. I very quietly drove around and kept an eye on him, and he went straight in the way I told him, made his visit and headed straight out the same way. I really had a feeling of sadness for him....asked him when the last time he had a warm meal, he didn't really answer.....didn't need to, because from his looks, it had been a while. And the reason I feel so sure of this happening with him is that I gave him several dollars (what I had in my wallet), and I got a very simple thank you, no over the top reaction, a very reserved reaction and very muted emotional response (he had a tough time looking me in the eye).

And being the time of the year that it is, I spent the rest of the night thinking about the "luck" that I have had over the years. I have 5 beautiful kids.....soon to be 6 grand grandkids......having been blessed with the amount of travel I've done over the years that most folks want to do & by the time they "retire" they're not able to do......all the folks that I have had the opportunity to meet and grow to know......and the overall good health I've had (in spite of my working hard to not have it!!).....I've had a very full life and in actuality....a very fulfilling life.

As I've already mentioned....I have a lot of time to ponder, think, "philosophize" each day now....and the more I do it, the more that this life I've led stands out to me....and the grand things that I have gotten to do. As of now, I'm living the life I (even though I'm stationary for a few months)....fixing up a "tiny house" on 6 wheels....the lifestyle I love! I don't know of too many folks that can truly say that they are satisfied with where they are in life at this moment.  I really can say it and mean it....still have things I want to do and see.....and if it is in the overall scheme of things, I will get to see and do those things before my number rolls up!

There's probably more that I want to add to this....but it is still in the thinking stage....or the lack of sleep I'll just have to sleep on it!!  LOL

Have a great day!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

It is just beginning!

I have gotten a pretty good days sleep today, but I have also been keeping up with the hostage situation in Sydney, Australia. And the sad conclusion of it.

This is an example of just what we can come to expect in the future from the groups that are what we call terrorist groups...."an isolated incident" is what they called it, but it is only going to become more frequent and more deadly in the days to come.

This was an individual that was on the watch list, and had done stupid things in the past. But even being on a watch list is no guarantee of being able to prevent this type of situation.

And even with all the work to keep folks safe, they want to complain about an "invasion of privacy" while the law enforcement folks try to keep them safe?????  Just how stupid are the American people getting??  Not to mention just how stupid are the populations of most western countries getting??

If society wants to be "safe", then you have to give up something to the folks trying to keep you safe. If you don't then you don't have a leg to stand on when you get "hurt" or killed or blown up! Because they are part of the problem when it comes to keeping up with the folks that want to do harm to the majority of the populace!

Enough said1

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Now why isn't this on National News?!?!?

I have just seen this on the local Sunday morning news here in San Antonio. Now maybe I have too much time to think and consider things now with my new work and in my current state of "practicing for retirement", but I am actually watching more news now, until I reach of point of disgust and turn it off, but I keep coming back to my thought pattern of where our current society is and just how far are we going to have to drop in common sense before we wake up!

I still don't hold a lot of hope for society as a whole unless something wakes up the masses ( I still prefer "the herd" as a better description) to the fact that we have gotten way off course when it comes to how "a village" has to operate in order the said society to survive.

Here is what I sent my kids on HangOuts, and I think all that read this blog should look at this very many times!!

Now why the hell doesn't something like this make the national news instead of the bullshit that is going on with all the coverage of the "protestors"?????? Grandmother caught stealing eggs thankful for off…:

Take the 3 minutes to watch this news report out of I believe either Huntville or Birmingham, AL and see what I am talking about.