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Friday, September 23, 2016

On The Road Again!!!

Technically I'm back on the road again! Closed down Sunny Gulch and am now "retired"!!  So I have no true itinerary! So I'm sitting at Mormon Bend Campground visiting with Kevin and just winding down from a long summer!

Next week I'll be going to Challis and getting Bertha maintenance done and she'll be charging again. The I'll do a little site-seeing & more relaxing and a little more maintenance on Bertha, and I'll be headed south!!

It was a good summer, and overall a very enjoyable season! Had many good, actually, great campers! And I will hate not seeing them next year, but it is time for me, Abbie & Snickers to get on the road and start to build up the "America, You Need to See It! video adventure that I have been wanting to do for....oh...the past 25+ years!!  We'll definitely be running the back road from now on and trying to share the other side of the USA that so many folks have forgotten about...the backbone of the country!

RRMofA Potluck lunches!

We had a LOT of rain and runoff this season.

The skies are grand!

Stanley, ID...Come be under a rainbow!!

I had LOTS of great campers this year!

But the season has come to a close and the winter cold is coming, so it is time for being back on the road seeing what all I can! But there's nothing like taking time to just sit and enjoy the mountains of Idaho!!
At least I just about look the part for living in the mountains all the time!!! And being on the road full-time!! I must admit...I do love it!!!

But time to say Bye-Bye to the Sawtooths and Stanley...until next year! I'll be back to visit in the summer and next year I'll be making tracks up to the northern end of the state on the By-Ways!!

Stay tuned for more of the adventures of Frog, Abbie & Snickers!!