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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Fresh Start..Navigating to Retirement...FINALLY!!

Well, I am going to try this "blogger" thing again! I just might get it going this time!  I wanted to start this up before I start my next move so that I can hopefully keep it up to date and current with what and where I am and how life on the move is going.

As the "Frog" rolls down the roads of the US, always remember that you have to be ready to stand up for yourself and those around you.  Don't depend on others being as nice as just won't happen!

I will be traveling through so beautiful country, and I will be putting pics of that country up on here for all to see and enjoy!

 Another thing I want to try to do is to share with folks the the fact that you can cut back, reduce your "needs", thin out the "material things" and still be able to live the life you want and can be reduced, living space can be reduced, diet can be reduced ..... and you can still have a fullness of life that is beyond belief!

My sleeping quarters...
My closet/storage/workshop...
My kitchen [a little messy!!  :)]
And as I make improvements to my living space I will keep posting just how well it is all coming along!  I plan on adding solar panels, hopefully solar hot water, improve cell signals and more!

And the people you get to meet.....
A New Mexico Sunset
This will hopefully be something that you enjoy reading and looking at and maybe, just will be a little escape from the everyday....

So the adventure begins anew! And I just realized that this is the 1st of September 2012, so I am starting this newest expansion of my travels on the first day of a new month....wonder where I'll be in 12 months?!?!  :)

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