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Monday, September 24, 2012

Laundry Time!!

As you can tell from the time, I am up and getting used to staying up all night and sleeping during the day!  I will be officially staying up all night in about 4 days, so it was a good time to start getting in practice for it by staying up til an ungodly hour and doing my laundry!!  And I was in for a very nice surprise......the wifi here at the laundry mat is the best that I have found in town!  Quite fast and very smooth!  A nice change!!

And it has been so long since I used a front loading machine, I am having to relearn how much they can take! I used the "x3" machines, and I now know that I can get away with the "x2" machines. I knew that you could get more into a front loader, but .....
telling me "x3" and showing a little basket does not really tell me just how much it will hold. Now I know that all my whites, and towels and other bleachables will fit in a "x2" machine, so that will save me $2 each week, and the dryers here are in 3 sizes and ALL my clothes will go into one machine!! SWEET!!

And the wash only takes 21 minutes, now I put the dryer for 41 minutes, didn't realize it, so I'll check it at 25 and see how we are doing. I just might get away with doing 2+ weeks of clothes for under $8.50 next time!  :)  Trying to get all my updates done on the iPad while I'm here. And just might go ahead and do the iOS6 update also. It is only 3am here now, so I have several hours before the "day" people start moving around, and I like the peace and quiet here with being the only one here.  Saw three cars on the way over here and one of them was the city policeman. I'm not sure, but I think that they just have 2 cars here for the police department. I've seen a little SUV type and I think that I saw one car.  :)

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