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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Sunday off!,

I decided that I had 2 days in a row off so I would just watch football all da yesterday (which I did), and today would just be a goof off ay & laundry day! Went by the new laundromat and it was packed, so parked over here by the city library and have almost gotten the iOS6 update done on my phone. I'll go back to the laundry LATE tonite and do clothes……because after today, I'll have no clean clothes if I don't get them done!!! LOL
The RV park is almost full, glad that I got here early, because it is interesting watching some of these folks get into their assigned holes. I was the 4th here and there will be 39 or 40 in the lot by tomorrow evening, I think.
And starting tomorrow, I won't have a day off for at least 4 weeks, probably 5, and if I can figure out a way to stay around and not have to pay $1,000 or more for a spot, I'll probably stick around for the whole "session", which would keep me here until Jan or Feb from the sounds of it.
If you are going to do the iOS6 update, be sure you have a really good Internet connection and lots of power far it has taken me over 5 hours to do the 787mb download! Unbelievable!!
Over the next couple of days I'll try to remember to get some pics of the outside of the plant and the area where I'm working, then of the gate area and the "piling" yard where I will be each nite. The plant was built around 1922, and they have been doing sugar beets here ever since. Can't wait to get a tour of the plant in a couple of weeks.

I don't believe it!!! Te update download just finished, now installing! S time to play with it, soon I hope, and let. You know what it's like!

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