Saturday, September 8, 2012


I had planned on getting to a Home Depot about 12 miles on up the road, but I am taking a break! I used to think Atlanta was about the worst place to drive! BUT… Nay-Nay I say!!! I-25 between Colorado Springs & Denver has some of the most maniacal, rude, impatient drivers that I have seen! They rival NYC!
So…I pulled off onto a side highway & setup temporary camp!

Now, I did luck out and get parked in a spot with a decent view-

Even though I-25 is in my front yard, about 110 yds out. And there is an active rail track about 100 yds behind me…& I'm in coal mining country…so I'm learning today that "peaceful surroundings" are totally in the eyes/ears of the individual! But being off the racetrack makes this a VERY peaceful break area! ;)

From the looks of it, another hour or do & I will endeavor to ease back on the track & make my way 12 more miles to my predetermined spot for the nite so I will be able to have good Internet & update this with more pics & info of the day!
Until later, I will continue to enjoy my peaceful surroundings & appreciate even more the lifestyle I have been allowed to partake in!

Well, I made it to Home Depot in Castle Rock, CO...had some dinner and now trying to decide jus where I will finish out the night. I am considering going ahead and running across Denver under the cover of darkness just so I don't take a chance on hitting their Sunday morning traffic.

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