Friday, September 14, 2012

Headed North

Well, broke camp this morning and said good-bye to what is now one of my most favorite spots that I have gone to! Just such a lovely little gorge!

But, my feet are itching, so back on the road I go! Stopped back in Douglas to dump & water up. Wendell told me about the "City Park" here, right on the N Platte River passing thru town and it is a nice spot. Not only do they have an RV dump station, but restrooms with a SHOWER! Sooooo…needless to say, I took care of the trailer's needs and then I took care of me! Was not fancy, but clean & for free, you just don't complain! It is always nice to be able to stand in a shown a shower & not worry about how much water you use!
On my way in on Monday I stopped at the Chamber of Comm here in Douglas and visited their rail car museum. It was really nice. I'll get the pics uploaded in a fee days. But I passed stopping at the Pioneer Museum so could get on out to the park.
We, I just got done ending about 1.5 hours going they the Pioneer Miseum & it is well worth the stop. If you read all the cards and info in it, you could prob spend 2 full days in there!

I shot quite a few pics on my iPad, but in my notes program, so now have to figure out how to save to photos! Never thot about that issue! But anyway, a rely good museum to see!

I'm at the Library here in Douglas & about to head on out to get a few miles in for the day. Have 420 mi to go and will be in Sidney by Monday. It's terrible to be so crunched for time! Heheheheh! ;)
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Location:Douglas, WY

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