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Friday, September 7, 2012

Allene's Place

Day 2 @ Allene's, and getting ready to roll out north around lunch. Been a good visit, but only have 10 days to cover 1,130 miles! LOL. Have 3 places I plan on stopping at on way up, will be at each one for 2+ days each. They are State parks & free camping…no facilities, but that is my kind of place!

I had forgotten that 2 winters ago it hit -11° here & trees were killed all over the area. Allene lost 9 or 11 trees, she doesn't remember, but that is why she has been working to get yard back to it's original "all natural" state…and weeds have almost won a couple of times!
When I get parked tonite I'll let you know how far I got! I'll have to avg at least 124 mi/day to get there on time. Don't know if I can keep up the pace! LOL. ;)
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