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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stopped for nite

Stopped for night in Springer. Was about 9pm. Had planned on stopping at a rest area about 35 mi south of here…but it was closed! Oh how that infuriates me! Heheheh. ;) And on this part of the world there is not much, so you pretty much just have to just take your stops where you're comfortable.

The crazy thing is, I've slept for about 5 hours & I'm awake and ready for the day! LOL. My sleep pattern has changed drastically. I seem to sleep 4.5-5.5 hours & that's it - I'm up, awake & ready for the day, fully rested. Weird.

I had never realized that I-25 in NM was 460 miles long, feels like trying to get out of TX…the road just seems to never end! Of course, averaging 49 mph could have a little something to do with it also! Heheheh

I still have about 900 miles to go for this trip, but do have 9 more days to go, so I think I might be able to make it in that timeframe.

At least it has cooled. A cold front has dropped down & it is quite pleasant, low here supposed to be 48°, it is currently 52° - just fabulous! But along with that there is the issue of wind, which has been kicking up. They were calling for pretty heavy wind in Albuquerque, but so far I've only had 8-10 steady with gusts of 18-22. I can live with that. I just pull off & take a break so it doesn't kill my mpg too badly.

Well, I think I'll just lean back & read some, then have a little breakfast & get ready for the day. I plan on stopping at the Air Force museum today. Have never had the time to until now, so today is the day! Can't wait to get pics of it. Cya later! :)

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