Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Still in Roswell!

🐸  Still in Roswell, NM....much to my surprise!  I started to get my pre-trip done this morning...and...the dipstick was missing!!  I forgot to make sure that I replaced it when I did my pre-trip yesterday morning! Soooo...thankfully there is an O'Reilly's right next to where I parked here at the Sam's. The new dipstick will be here at 0730 in the morning.
 And life is back to normal...I have my Sumo wresting tournaments to watch again! Which I had missed for the past 5 months! is good!!  Heheheheh
I also noticed yesterday that the positive post on the Sidekick's battery is seeping. Walked over to WallyWorld today & since it is under a year old & still in the 1 year warranty they will just replace it. This is a defect in the manufacture, so it will not cost!! Thank goodness!

So I have come to the decision that over the next months/years you will be seeing and hearing about a lot of different places. The reason?  When I sit in one spot for more than 4-6 weeks it really messes with my system and daily routine. So I will be on the move a lot more!

Which means you will be able to see pics and videos from a lot more areas and places to visit! Which also makes me happy! 

There were some really strong thunderstorms that passed thru here last night. In fact, there were even some flash flood warnings put out late last night. The parking lot here looked like a stream and a small lake for a little while also last night.

Shots from Tuweep Overlook again at the Grand Canyon. If there is any way that you can get there, do it!

 Everywhere I go, there is the beauty of the majesty of Nature!

"Look Martha....there's another one of those human critters trying to be "natural"! Think he'll make it??"  I'm trying!!! 🐸 

Tomorrow, after the new dipstick and new battery are taken care of I will be headed back out on the road for North Richland Hills. More pics coming soon!!

C'ya out here real soon, I hope!!  

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