Tuesday, September 25, 2018

On The Road Again!


I'm back on the road again! And I must admit...I do truly miss it when I'm not on the road traveling across this land! And I do miss it when I'm not out here on the road!  

We (Myself, Abbie & Snickers)  spent the night at a "picnic table pull-off"  last night, on the side of the road, and slept like bricks!  So many years on the road, sleeping in truckstops, rest areas & the such...the sounds that bother so many people are just the sounds that help me sleep! 

I'm going to be stopping in Roswell, NM in a few hours to get a sim card to be able to get my "new to me" Kyocera DuoForce phone up and operational! I was able to find one for a killer price on Amazon, just didn't have a sim in it. But they are free (all the companies want your business..LOL! ), so when I found this one for basically 66% less than any of the others I found, it was time for a phone that could handle what I needed it to handle!

I'm also having to get used to the time zone change.  It's already mid-morning and I'm just now on my second cup of coffee! So it is time to do my morning "pre-trip" and get ready to roll for the day. Should be in the panhandle of Texas by tonight!
The Moon was just absolutely beautiful last night!

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