Thursday, September 6, 2018

Labor Day Over! 15 days to go!

Labor Day weekend has come & gone! So peace reigns in the gorge once more! But we are also are getting a bunch of rain. It is still needed tho!

We were about as full as the gorge could get, only 4-5 empty sites in the whole gorge. Right now there are about 8 campers in the whole gorge.

I'm still throwing stuff away, and redoing my storage, & relocating things!  I now have curtains to pull across the front for nite privacy when on the road. That will make the nightly stops a lot easier!

I'm still sorting out pics & grouping them into areas, kinds & "trips". So when get back to "civilization" it will be easier to update. And there will be a lot of pics to get up.

So, once again, C'ya soon! 

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