Friday, October 5, 2018

Corpus Christi, Tx

Well, I enjoyed the drive along the beach! And I do love the sound of the waves, watching the gulls & pelicans, the air is just fresh smelling!

Now if I could just get used to the humidity & mosquitoes it would be fabulous!

Had lunch with the kids & some of Greg's fairly at "Mikal's Bay" grill right on the beach. Food was pretty good, being in the shade in a concrete based beach structure, the breeze made it very enjoyable for lunch.
 Kind of a cool place...just a bit on the loud side...& it wasn't busy!  LOL!

 But the day was full & interesting. Saw the dealership they work at now..nice shop. Pretty big store. Right on one of the main highways thru Galveston on the way tor Padre Island.

So just running around the country side looking for cool weather & temps....and not having any luck! So I'll keep looking for a while!  🐸

Hope to c'ya out here on the road!


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